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Lady Kray: “WHY THEY CALL ME KRAY” -Delicious Palettes of Visions and Emotion!

South London-born and current Bath resident, Lady Kray, found her aspirations to sing and dance and by primary school she was already writing her own lyrics and recording songs at her local youth club. During her early years Lady Kray was inspired by RnB singers like Lauryn Hill, Javine and Aaliyah, as she grew so did her style and she began to adopt ideas from artists such as Azealia Banks and Kendrick Lamar 

The debut mixtape “WHY THEY CALL ME KRAY”,  from Hip Hop/RnB artist Lady Kray, best known for her collaborations with artist TRZ (www.itstrz.com)  hosts  a collection of songs including original production from artists Chinkilla and Sam Evans plus guest features from Latisha Joy and TRZ. Already in high demand for her live performances and guest features, at age 19, Kray’s future is very bright. Download the FREE mixtape available now from www.ladykray.com

Lady Kray arrives in a big way, with a well-rounded, cohesive effort, and a good sense of her strengths and music altogether. “WHY THEY CALL ME KRAY”, is coated with a summery sheen. It, in fact, could quite easily be like a sort of bible of summer anthems, the CD you hear blasting from cars zooming underneath the hot sun, and it succeeds… thoroughly.

Lady Kray’s debut mixtape is, in its core, a display of an artistic move forward and a push for respect in a vicious world of musical competition. The production is relentlessly glossy, with a non-excessive use of samples. The production team utilize samples, yes, but in a stylish and sort of “nudge-nudge” fashion, as only the Brits can!

Most of the 16 tracks deal out soulful, sultry musical arrangements, where Lady Kray creates delicious palettes of visions and emotion, whether rapping or singing. “WHY THEY CALL ME KRAY” also seems dead-set on focusing on its artist, not the production team or surrounding artists. In a word, Lady Kray is the center of attention.

Vocally and lyrically competent, she slides through the mixtape obviously savvy and in control. She sounds a whole lot more grown up than her nineteen years, but not overtly so.

On this mixtape you get up-tempos (It’s My Song), mid-tempos (Pity The Fool ft.Latisha Joy), and slow-jams (While I’m Here). There’s something for all urban music lovers here, with a whopping sixteen tracks to choose from. Lady Kray’s music is enriched with emotion, experience, and talent.

“WHY THEY CALL ME KRAY” is a true mixtape, a statement of love and life, a statement of an urgency to get a point across: Lady Kray is here to stay!

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