Kontradiction: “Cup Noodles” is absolute quality in terms of lyrics, flow and production!

Kontradiction is an upcoming music artist from Brooklyn NY who is in a group called GBOD (Golden Boyz) consisting of Kontradiction the rapper, Traffic the producer and Comedian Mixxy Gambino. Their goal is to bring creative and influential music to the masses and shake the rap/hip hop game. The group started out just by wanting to be different and innovative, however possible, they just found music as an outlet to do it and take them where they want to be in life.


Kontradiction’s first official mixtape “Cup Noodles” is currently making waves on Datpiff.com, while his latest video “Smoke With Me” has just been released on Youtube.

Kontradiction has a bit of an old school rap style which means that 10 years from now you could listen to the 14 tracks on to “Cup Noodles” and still feel these songs as fresh and as relevant as they are now. Moreover his songs are realistic, intelligent story-telling compared to what other artists are rapping about.

This young rapper proves that the industry needs to step back and stop pushing crap with 1 or 2 hit tracks and a bunch of filler and let the artists do their job. Kontradiction stepped up and showed the world that you can rap about something of substance and not have to settle for mediocre songwriting just to receive radio-play.

“Cup Noodles” talks about appreciating the intangible things like love, friendship and family and some tangible things dear to the hiphop game, like money, parties and sex. He takes us on a journey back and lets us in on his hard times, the fun times and those ever-precious chilling-out times, while still touching on relevant issues.

The lyrics, the beats, the samples, the melodies, and the overall concept of this album is just brilliant for a crew of newcomers. I am starting to think this kid is wise beyond his years. With a masterful use of language and a great display of storytelling, Kontradiction proves that hip hop isn’t completely dead. He stands head and shoulders above the current roster of mainstream radio rappers out right now. He has definitely taken the game to another level; so insightful, original, and reflective.

The beats deserve a very close listen. Far removed from the overplayed, usual downloadable stuff, filled with cheesy pop hooks and stuffed with electronic effects, the producers featured on “Cup Noodles” have created a magnificent set of organically jazzy, warm and soulful beats that suits Kontradiction’s unforced, laid-back flow to a tee. Hot names to remember are ThoVoBeatz, Freddie Joachim, mjNichols, Faye Valentine, Jaze Baqti, JocBeats, Weirddough, Traffic and Evil_Needle.

Kontradiction and crew
Kontradiction and crew

So when the beats shine and the rapper’s flow is as smooth as a pair of silk panties sliding across the hottest crotch, you know for sure that the tracks are on fire! The pick of the bunch for me, has to be: Subway Thoughts(Prod. by ThoVoBeatz), Where Do I Go(Prod. by ThoVoBeatz), Chicken n Thighs(Prod. by mjNichols), Relax(Prod. by Faye Valentine ft. JayLotus), Nod(Interlude) (Prod. by Freddie Joachim), Lonesome Journey(Prod. by Jaze Baqti), Paint a Picture(Prod. by JocBeats), The Block(Prod. by Traffic) and Road Blocks(Prod. by Traffic). But don’t take my word for it, you go ahead, listen and choose your own favorites.

“Cup Noodles” is absolute quality in terms of lyrics, flow and production. This is a great Hip-hop mixtape, no matter which side you look at it from! And while listening to this classic in the making, prepare your mind and soul for “Black Canvas” the new Kontradiction mixtape ready to come out of the studio oven soon!

OFFICIAL LINKS: Cup Noodles Mixtape – Soundcloud – Twitter – Youtube

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