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Jiggley Jones: “A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light” will completely entrance you!

Jiggley’s music is meant to paint pictures in your mind and elicit feelings in your soul.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that if at the very core of any song, no matter what the genre, there is a great melody, then it doesn’t matter how you dress it up, lay down the production or strip it down. If you’ve got a great melody, you’ve got a great song. And people will listen. Period. At the same time it also takes courage, for an artist to forge a new path rather than stay in a safe place.

On the 6-track Ep, “A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light”, Jiggley Jones proves to have both of the above factors. Quickly running through the genres that supposedly describe Jiggley’s music, I was fascinated by the descriptions on iTunes. It read: Country, Music, Rock.

Of the 3 genres, only one really applies, as Jiggley’s music is neither Country nor Rock, or anything else in-between for that matter. No sir, Jiggley Jones’ genre is simply MUSIC! Nothing more, nothing less…

Jiggley Jones breathes, writes and performs melody. Therefore the equation is simple. People will listen! Jiggley Jones reminds me of Van Morrison. Van has sung and covered the most extreme genres from Bluegrass to Jazz over the years, yet every interpretation always and only ever sounded like…music…to my ears. I could never hear genre in Van Morrison. I can’t hear genre in Jiggley Jones.

From the moment “Walk On Me” kicks off the Ep, you can hear how Jiggley balances a straightforward accessible lyrical quality with enough musical complexity to stave off listener fatigue. And from there on out Jiggley serves the song before the singer.

Jiggley’s music is meant to paint pictures in your mind and elicit feelings in your soul. One listen to “Early Morning Light” or “Look What I Found” plays testimony to how easily he succeeds at doing this; mainly because, apart from Jiggley’s way with melody, he has a voice with magnificent range and timbre. Without which the melodies would not so easily be translated into emotion.

By the time he EP closes with “Man On The Run”, Jiggley Jones would have completely entranced you. There’s a lot going on in terms of interesting songwriting, rhythms, arrangements, and again, Jiggley’s use of his extraordinary voice. “A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light”, is an Ep that stands the test of in depth listening.

More About Jiggley Jones:

His prolific writing earned him 2 nominations and a subsequent win, for Songwriter of the Year, at the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards, 2 New Music Awards nominations (AC New Artist and AC Breakthrough Artist) and a 2014Independent Country Music Association Award nomination for Best Americana Artist. He also received 3 IMEA Award Nominations in 2014, winning for AC Song of the Year (“Walk On Me.”)

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