Jenny’s Vision Project: “Happy & Crazy in a Lifetime” – you will fall in love with this music immediately!

Jenny’s Vision Project is a music project with a studio in Tønsberg, Norway. The project is universal, both in genre`s and musicians. Kristianzhe is the keyboardist and music maker in this project which was officially created during the summer of 2012. Kristianzhe has been making music since 1991. “Happy & Crazy in a Lifetime” is the latest 3-track EP by Jenny’s Vision Project while they work on some more upcoming material. I don’t often put much credence into an EP as a band’s entrance into the elite echelons of the musical world. But you have to start somewhere, and Jenny’s Vision Project has that certain magic that I find infectious and has mass appeal. Of course I have heard other amazing tracks by this project, a little over a year ago, so I have much more to go on!

jenny-vision-project-happy-logoThis is a creative recording handmade by a humble project from Norway with incredibly talented members and unbelievable songwriting abilities. From the opening track “Happy” you know you are in for a real treat and this EP doesn’t let you down at all. Jenny’s Vision Project has their own unique sound and the singer has very distinctive and original vocals. “Crazy” is a very strong track and the way it builds with the underlying jangly guitar really adds to its impact and power. But “Lifetime” is even more powerful showing the breadth of this project’s talents. I could quite easily wax lyrical about this EP but suffice it to say that it is original, has excellent song writing and would well benefit you to take a listen. It is one of those life enhancing albums and I can’t recommend it enough.

The hauntingly beautiful lyrics and music, and the title, “Happy & Crazy in a Lifetime” conveys all the emotions of the heart, soul, and a state of being. The lead singer has the voice of an angel and the intensity of a tiger. The EP is just great in all realms. It’s moving, emotional, and can pull at your heartstrings. Yet it’s not overly dramatic either which I like. The songs are layered in a way to give you this comfortable feeling, as the music makes you want to crawl inside your speakers and live inside the transcendent melodies.

The beauty of the music on “Happy & Crazy in a Lifetime” is that the words expressed and the music behind it seems very true, not contrived, like you find in so many albums these days. In my mind, this EP is a subtle but crucial development for Jenny’s Vision Project. While the songwriting approach is recognizable from their previous works, their production has opened up – the music sounds warmer, richer, and their palette of sound is far wider. The lyric writing is lifted above indie-centric dwelling and begins to look at life from a broader perspective that is much more emotionally satisfying.

The songwriting, arrangements and production imagery is lush and beautiful and probably the best that Jenny’s Vision Project has done thus far. Be warned, you will fall in love with their music immediately and will probably want to find all their other music straight away!


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