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Jason Daniels: “Cinematic Dreams” – epic and grand, filled with big visions of the world!

Jason Daniel Mechura aka Jason Daniels began developing a strong passion for music at a young age.  His grandfather, Daniel James Mechura, owned an independent record label, Allstar Record Co. The earliest known record on Allstar, dates from 1953. Through the years Jason has performed vocals, played drums, piano and guitar. After playing in various bands, Jason decided to continue his career as a solo artist. His latest release is the 7-track EP, “Cinematic Dreams”.

Jason Daniels is a tier above the rest of the indie rock music industry. I get so sick of artists worshipping at the altar of money and popularity. Daniels has a strong thread of reality and wholeness that I haven’t heard in a long time. He tells stories, he writes philosophy, he addresses issues, and he offers hope. “Cinematic Dreams” is a powerful piece of art.

Jason-Daniels-coverJason Daniels can write, can sing, can play, and can really inspire. You know this album is going to rock when Daniels’ guitar starts to kick-in on “Fire It Up”. “Bang” takes the rock one step higher and harder before things tone down some for “Are You Listening”. We kind of enjoy the genre changes on “Supernova”, “iPro”, before “Could Be Mine” explodes confidently from the first note, forging probably the best arrangement and vocal performance on the Ep. “Being With You” is a funky, fun and sentimental rocker.

Although we can celebrate the sound of edgy hard rock all day long, the amazing thing about “Cinematic Dreams” is the lyrics themselves. Jason Daniels incorporates a great deal of romantic imagery, angst and even anger into his song writing, but isn’t that how so many of us feel? The music on this recording was written with deliberate craftsmanship; each song is an indispensable piece of the variable, textured, and affective collection of tunes on the EP. Jason Daniels delivers an engrossing musical experience, giving the listener the pleasure of not only hearing great music but also marveling at the intricacies of creative expression on “Cinematic Dreams”.

In a word, “Wow.” Much of it is power guitar, solid rhythms and the unique voice of Jason Daniels, but in between there are synths, electronic effects and Rap verses, to satisfy a wide variety of alternative fans. With crunching guitars, great drum fills, and lyrics deeper than the usual radio-ready pop drivel, Daniels fills the void for those longing for some artistic rock. This is a recording that I find myself listening to while I drive and I stare off and focus on something other than driving, but isn’t that the point of music, to take you somewhere else in your mind!

One of the things I value about Jason Daniels is that his music is epic and grand, filled with big visions of the world.


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