JAAH DREADstyle: “Sweeter than Honeydew” (Kombakt Beatz Productions) – a feel-good tune!

John A Hardyway aka Dreadlocshawty (JAAH) is an indie artist who has a passion for dancing and performance arts, besides rapping and singing.  JAAH DREADstyle, from Wichita Kansas, has dropped the track “Sweeter Than HoneyDew”, from his album “Stonerr Anthem”.

I’ve been listening to “Sweeter than Honeydew (Kombakt Beatz Productions)” for a couple days now, probably a good 20-30 times in total. Lyrically, on this outing, you come to a varied, catchy flow over interesting production. This is a feel-good tune about smoking weed and chilling in the best possible way!


The top notch production was apparently made by a Producer from Italy, which proves that Hip-hop is now a true world entity in all fields. Apart from the spectacular production JAAH DREADstyle’s flow is truly mesmerizing, making the track pure bliss.

Often we don’t appreciate brilliant rap because we’re misdirected by the vulgarity of the lyrics or the lack of melody in the vocals. On a lot of his tracks, JAAH DREADstyle ventures into explicit deliveries and we may lose track of his technical wizardry in favor of the lyrical fire. Not so on “Sweeter than Honeydew (Kombakt Beatz Productions)”, where we can relish both -the flow and the rhymes. He doesn’t let the beat dictate how he needs to say something. He flips it around and makes the beat work for him. JAAH DREADstyle is one of those rap artists that doesn’t just monotone flow either, he spits his rhymes with feeling.

Moreover, sneaking around JAAH DREADstyle’s back catalog you’ll notice how it is packed with really good beats and, in my opinion, portrays some solid lyrical ability too. He is definitely solidifying himself in the game as an independent artist.

“Sweeter than Honeydew (Kombakt Beatz Productions)”, and the album “Stonerr Anthem” should without a doubt certify JAAH DREADstyle’s progress towards the front row alongside his peers.


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