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itsDICE: “There You Were (Falling)” -Deeply Personal and Fierce

itsDICE is without a doubt a controversial rappers. If you need any more proof, check out his track Alcohol & Atheism. The rhymes will hit you like a freight train, triggering thoughts and emotions you didn’t know you were capable of; absolutely not for the faint of heart.

Straight off, itsDICE is not Nas. If you’re obsessed with stratospheric flows and diversified vocal timbres, you’re on the wrong track, but if you’re a habitual skeptic or total freethinker, nurtured on quality, hard-hitting lyrics, you will love this guy.

Whereas Alcohol & Atheism was are a lot harder in terms of attacking religion, “There You Were (Falling)” feels more heartfelt and deeper. Though less overtly aggressive, this track addresses many familiar issues, like self-destruction, despair, gratitude, and hope etc. The quality of the lyrics is probably itsDICE’s best yet.

itsDICE’s rhymes are a refreshing change and makes us contemplate a society where we trust in one another and not in fairy tales. His music is intellectual, rational, and unique and he is ready to really make his presence felt, seen and heard. Nothing is purposeless or without meaning when itsDICE does it, as every lyric is heavy with thought, love, pain, hurt and introspection.

Every word was clearly chosen to have punch and meaning, there’s no fluff, and it is so refreshing to hear something off the radio with as much substance as itsDICE has. Through his tracks he explores family, friends, people, faith and life in general.

With “There You Were (Falling)” itsDICE has put out a single that is deeply personal and fierce, both a head-banger and a sound you can sway to.

itsDICE does tough. itsDICE does vulnerable. itsDICE does every emotion in between, making this an extremely compelling release. It’s an emotional punch that flows from the strong underlying storytelling.

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