HENAO: “I Remember” Ft. Fastlane James – the perfect balance of electro ingredients presented flawlessly!

HENAO positions himself as one of the most sought after DJ’s dominating the EDM market, his worldwide appeal has him in high demand domestically and abroad. HENAO’s infectiously energetic sets have garnered the attention of heavy weights in the Sports Entertainment world as well as the Fashion and Television industries.


HENAO has been the featured DJ to exclusive parties and events like Lebron James and Nike’s 11/11 Experience, Bravo Television’s “Million Dollar Listing” Launch Party as well as mega brands Victoria’s Secret and Bloomingdale’s corporate parties. He has also been showcased in London, Paris, Mexico and Zurich, which opened the doors to exclusive gigs like the Winter Music Conference, Star Island private events as well as celebrity parties for Superstars like Flo-Rida, LMFAO and many more.

HENAO has now produced and released the track “I Remember” Ft. Fastlane James.  If the throbbing, pulsating beat of this song doesn’t get you pumped there is something wrong with you. The vocals are firmly in charge of this stellar EDM production too.

HENAO is one of the best ‘new’ (though his been around for 13 years already!) Producers out there. He just has that winning combination that we only get to hear once in a while from DJ/Producers. Relying on varying layered electronic pulses and a bass line that grounds the entire track but never takes the forefront. This enables HENAO to basically do whatever he feels like with the melody – sometimes sung and at others dominated by synths and pianos.  Fastlane James stays comfortably in his hypnotically soaring register for the most part and paired with the pounding beat makes this track sound different from most mainstream EDM outings.

henao-coverYou will not be able to resist wanting to go to the club after listening to this. It will take you away into the night time. Honestly, HENAO fills a niche that is needed and he deserves to be more famous than he already is. He has just the right amount of musical ingredients that makes his songs a delicious treat for most ears to enjoy. Some Electronic music artists out there have a tendency to overload the songs they dish out. I think HENAO has the perfect balance of electro ingredients and presents them flawlessly in “I Remember” Ft. Fastlane James!

All-round HENAO is a great producer and he collaborates with amazing vocals!

HENAO has a monthly EDM mix called I AM HENAO, which can be downloaded on SoundCloud.com/iamhenao or on Kindle/iTunes.  For updates and info on HENAO, please visit his website: http://www.iamhenao.com/. Follow him on Instagram @iamhenao and on Twitter @iamhenao.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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