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Hawk Rising: “Aay! (Chi-Town Shinin’)” -An Infectious, Feel-good Anthem!

Eric “Hawk” has been a staple in the music industry for many years. As a booking agent and promoter for the majority of his career he has worked with and produced events around the world for such artists as Freedom Williams, Vanilla Ice, Pitbull, Future, Tone Loc, Lil Flip, Kottonmouth Kings, Tha Dogg Pound, Krayzie Bone, Coolio, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, Paul Wall, Tech N9ne and many more.

From early childhood, this native Chicago son was affected by the music he listened to. He started to sing in grade school and before becoming a teenager, he was a stage actor performing in musicals. Exploring many aspects of the Entertainment Industry and honing his business craft, afforded Hawk to the ability to come full circle. After a grueling trek through the industry jungle, he found his way back to his musical roots.

Eric’s alter-ego Hawk Rising is now ready to step into his rightful place on stage alongside the industry heavyweights with a musical acumen that knows no boundaries. With influences like Marvin Gaye, George Clinton, Funkadelic, James Brown, Muddy Waters, BB King, Sam Cooke, Aerosmith and Prince; Hawk is truly a music aficionado!

Hawk has dropped his new single, “Aay! (Chi-Town Shinin’)”; an infectious, feel-good anthem Produced by ProHoeZak and Engineered by Chris Steinmetz at Stonecutter Studios, through the Talon Music Group. The production is an aural buffet, filled with a funky riff, a driving electronic groove, and an ear-candy-styled melody which take Hawk’s singing rap to an infectious level of musicality.

On top of it all, the song has a catchy one-syllable hook, slap-bang in the middle of the chorus, which is pretty hard to forget!

On this single Hawk Rising strays away from the traditional braggadocio rap sound and carries a groovier, uplifting pop vibe. Is Hawk just flexing his creative muscles in an attempt to give rap music a kick in the butt it so desperately needs? The answer is…HELL YEAH!

At a time when most artists run the risk of sounding the same over and over again, Hawk Rising proves to the world that Hip Hop is what you make of it, infusing his own feel-good vibes and creating something as fresh as the morning breeze. It takes a lot of confidence in oneself to go out and produce something different, yet he pulls it off with aplomb and shows the world that Hawk Rising is indeed multi-talented.

Quite frankly, “Aay! (Chi-Town Shinin’)” should be in everyone’s collection, whether you like country, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, or whatever. It clearly showcases extreme creativity in music, lyrics, and overall studio production!

For more info: LeRoy Temple
Talon Music Group
(347) 451-8608 talonentertainment@gmail.com

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