Halcyon Hope: “Northern Lights” successfully grasps and expresses every emotion anyone could possibly possess

The Danish four-piece, outfit Halcyon Hope, incorporates a vast experience from the underground alternative music scene in Denmark ranging from pop-punk to post-hardcore. The band is made up of Members: Nicolaj Rosander (Bass&Vox), Morten Pedersen (Guitars&Vox), Miki Petersen (Guitars&Vox), Thomas Thøger Barlach (Drums). Their debut EP Northern Lights is mixed by Peter Lehmann and mastering was finalized by the legendary Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York.

The first single from the album, the song ‘Monuments’ and accompanying music video gathered interest from the media. The song garnered coverage on the Danish rock radio station MyRock as well as several foreign radio stations, including the largest commercial digital radio in the – UK Planet Rock. The single was also exposed in the legendary music trade magazine Music Week. The band has shared stages with established national names like Go Go Berlin, Tim Christensen and A Road To Damascus as well as many other great international artists.

The album artwork
The album artwork

The production value alone on Northern Lights is great, but with as many corporately created and packaged bands circulating around currently, that is not in itself astonishing. What is though is the band’s sound. While you can see consistency from song to song, they do alter things quite a bit to maintain the listener’s interest. This consistency, something that with most bands can become monotonous is a feature that makes Halcyon Hope even more interesting. It allows for a flow from song to song, creating an ambient universe for the listeners mind to wander through.

Another concept of the music which greatly intrigues me is the ever-changing dynamic layering of the music. While in many parts the twin guitars will take lead and drive the music, in other places the bass and drums will be dominant, always supplying an incredibly appropriate, kick-ass rock backdrop for both the powerful vocals and 3-part harmonies these guys are able to deliver.

There are many times when bands will succeed musically, but fail horribly lyrically (or vice versa). This however, is a problem that Halcyon Hope has been able to not only avoid, but hurtle over, with ease. Not only are their lyrics impressive and thought provoking, but the lead vocalists in turn, presents them in an equally impressive format. The voices are capable of going from a soft whisper to a thundering sound that conveys the emotion of those words perfectly.

Halcyon Hope
Halcyon Hope

The vocals are without a doubt the major defining feature of Halcyon Hope. They put emotion into their words to move the listener in the direction the lyrics point, but never give its true destination away. This combination presents the much sought after ‘unique listening’ experience.

Northern Lights is one of those albums you can put on and simply let your mind float away with the music.  From “Monuments” and the title track “Northern Lights” to “Black Eyes”, right down to the acoustic closer “Dead and Gone”, Halcyon Hope will tap into your psyche with their luscious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, their unique and driving percussion, the delicious and addicting bass lines and their roaring guitar riffs.

Not to mention the vocals, which seem to successfully grasp and express every emotion anyone could possibly possess. This is an album which is highly recommended for any rock fan, since albums and bands like this come out once in a while! So grab a copy, hit the play button, sit back and enjoy the ride!


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