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GreekdaGod: “Dreams” Stands With the Very Best From the Greek’s Repertoire of Treats!

GreekdaGod was born in Brooklyn, NY, while his mom and dad originate from Haiti. GreekdaGod founded Kingkillers Ent in 2012. At the beginning of 2013, he dropped 8 instrumental mixtapes, as well as “Hottest in Da Street”, the “Golden Gun 2”and “Golden Gun 3” mixtapes.

In the wake of GreekdaGod’s fifth mixtape “Dreams”, we caught up with the track “Since We’ve Been Apart” featuring Allie Dovey.

The production on this latest work takes not just hip hop but music in general to a new height. The slick drumming, the filtering, the crystal keyboards, and baseline movements on “Since We’ve Been Apart” will take you to a total dream world. The shimmering vocal by Allie Dovey also adds a touch of class to the song.

“Since We’ve Been Apart” It has been out for a minute and it took me even less time to get around to liking it. The verses alone are worth listening to the song, while the stripped down jazzy beat compliments the delivery in GreekdaGod’s words perfectly. I got an even bigger surprise though, while hunting down the track initially, as I stumbled onto the “Dreams Instrumentals” mixtape along the way.

It contains 6 tracks of solid slamming production. From “Don’t Like Me”, “Drop It Low” and “Game Time” to “Let Me Dream, “Po Po Comin” and “Risk It All”, this is another great collection of beats. It illustrates GreekdaGod’s passion for real hip-hop grooves, and is a breath of fresh air in todays’ rap overflowing with bravado, pompousness, and materialism without substance.

I’m not sure if these instrumental tracks are the first installment of the final “Dreams” mixtape, but it would be interesting to hear some proverbial punchlines and metaphors riding over the top of these beats. Comparing “Dreams” to other GreekdaGod mixtapes, this one definitely stands side by side with the very best from the Greek’s repertoire of treats.

The beats are smooth and flow with a subtleness, retaining their character but varying from song to song. The tracks are definitely innovative, and a fantastic combination of groove and concrete sound. In fact the entire mixtape is off the hook! I can’t wait until GreekdaGod throws some solid storytelling over this. In the meantime I’ll enjoy “Since We’ve Been Apart” featuring Allie Dovey.

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