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Glow Lee Mamba – “Trembling Lantern” taps deep into the sordid heart of primal electronic music

Slovenian Artist and Producer, Glow Lee Mamba, who collaborates with singers over the world, has released his 10 track album, “Trembling Lantern”, which was recorded in Chicago, London, Germany and Slovenia. The dark and sinister pace of Glow Lee Mamba’s recording will shock even electronic music’s surreal, cannibalistic consciousness.

The album cover artwork
The album cover artwork

Glow Lee Mamba does not sound like your normal glow-stick-waving Dj hippie by any means. “Trembling Lantern” is a nuclear winter of subterranean rhythms, bouncing off the moldy walls and testing electronica’s shaky, constantly evolving genre definitions.

From track one, “Agony”, it suddenly becomes crystal clear that Glow Lee Mamba has completely mind-melded electronic genres. So it’s not surprising, then, that the rest of the tracks, continue along that same eclectic, dark and brawny vein. The Slovenian producer has a sinister edge, an almost apocalyptic feeling that everything could crumble at any minute under the weight of broken dreams and loveless ambitions. Listen to “Iraq (Without Return)”, “Phantasm-Remix”, “Ancient Black Magic” or “Futuria” to experience the feeling.

Glow Lee Mamba
Glow Lee Mamba

In Glow Lee Mamba hands, the tracks grind themselves against your ears with a dirty passion, indulging in a slowly burning build. From there, he taps even deeper into the sordid heart of primal electronic music, coalescing his mixes around crunchy, metallic cross-rhythms, grueling bass lines, and cruel beats. Glow Lee Mamba takes advantage of what’s come before to flex his muscular ears and turn up the juice on “Vienna” and “All The Stars”.

It’s almost vicious, the timing he has in dropping breakdowns and buildups. Most B-rate producers can string together a bunch of tunes, make it sound like a chop shop and sell records, yet very few can make listening to the music seem like a true journey due to their technical proficiency. The album unfolds and unfurls at its own hypnotic and sometimes brutal rate, letting the music and beats breathe and gain life.

There are no hand-raising, glow-stick waving breaks here. What you get is a long, well-thought out, dark decent into the subterranean world of dark almost experimental electronica – the kind that gets under your skin, permeates your blood stream, and possesses your being in a steady, gripping way. Don’t listen to it in the daytime. Wait until after midnight. Put your headphones on, close your eyes, open your mind, and let Glow Lee Mamba take you on a journey you’ve never taken before. These are deep, dark, delicious beats sculpting a surreal soundscape in an unexplored world!


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