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Gentle Jammers: “Comfortably Sitting in the Lounge of Soul” – a blend of smooth, sultry melodies and impeccable keyboard work

Gentle Jammers is the alter-ego of Rossano Gentili, an Italian musician, founder and keyboard player of the band Dirotta su Cuba, songwriter and producer with 20 years of experience in the music business and over 500,000 records sold. Gentili has worked with many big artists as well as with brands such as Ferrari, Coca Cola, Renault and Vodafone. Gentle Jammers specializes in music for media, cinema, tv, YouTube, sound design and advertising.

The latest 2015 release by Gentle Jammers is a 13-track album entitled “Comfortably Sitting in the Lounge of Soul”. Upon hearing the music, it fast occurred to me that this was indeed a very special melding of musical ideas. What I heard had many influences but somehow occupied the spaces in-between them. It wasn’t smooth jazz, it wasn’t new age and it wasn’t funk. But it borrowed rhythmic influences from all of them and mixed it with a trance like effect. Gentle Jammers efforts here could probably best be described as Ambient Chill.

The album cover
The album cover

Rossano Gentili is a genius when it comes to music, and he has been proving this publicly since 1995 with his group Dirotta su Cuba. His style is lush and stimulating for the most avid instrumental music lover. Gentili has a knack for coming up with the right combination of melody, beats and ear candy. An interesting mix of instrumentals based around piano, synths, guitars, sequenced drums and percussion with occasional ambient vocal. His blend of smooth, sultry melodies and impeccable keyboard work is truly remarkable.

The minute “Beach Cafè” kicks the album off you know you’re in for a luxurious sonic ride. Gentili never fails to impress throughout the tracks, and will knock you off your feet with awesome grooves. If you’re into the eclectic variety of smooth jazz and fusion with a soft taste of electronica, then songs like “Beirut Cafè”, “Friday Night”, “Lounge Cafè”, “Fashion Walk”, “Relaxing Chill” and “Sunset Cafè” will blow you  away. Gentle Jammers is satisfaction guaranteed.

For those who use music as an escape from the day to day grind, these tracks are the perfect transporting device, rich soulful atmospherics that lift you through space and time and carry you away to destinations of your choosing. Gentili’s music has a strong sense of rhythm and groove, it’s relaxing and it’s energizing all at the very same time.

The difference between Gentle Jammers’ compositions and the average smooth jazz, chill or lounge track is that this music actually takes you on a journey from point A to point B, with some pleasant twists and turns along the way. Every song has its own textured definition and if you are an avid music lover you’d be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like.

Whether you’re looking for instrumental music to groove to, tracks to create with, or soundscapes to fill your surroundings and enhance your mood, “Comfortably Sitting in the Lounge of Soul” by Gentle Jammers has just the right musical flow and arrangements to splendidly reach that zone. With this album Rossano Gentili really hits the target in transporting you mentally and spiritually to a very nice place.


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