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Garcia Lopez: “LEYENDA” – a great work of mystical sonic art that touches the soul!

During September, award-winning Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and producer, Garcia Lopez, released another one of his ambitious and experimental projects, entitled “LEYENDA”. “Leyenda,” explains Lopez “is an experimental song using 95% of sounds derived from an acoustic nature, mostly vocal effects, and the other 5% of the song is keyboards and electric bass. The entire song is played by human musicians; no digital sound is recorded here except for the keyboard. Leyenda also has a variety of throat chants which mimic the characters of the history that is been told in the song.”

“I also created 2 musical instruments,” continues Lopez, “that I use in this song; one is the rain mil and the other a flute. The flute is specifically created for this song and is named after the song – the Leyenda Flute. Leyenda is a story about a little boy who ventures in nature and connects with it, never to come back again. It is a story of consciousness, and awareness. The song is dedicated to my son and to all Tibetans.”

Garcia Lopez
Garcia Lopez

We feel music like this through whatever relevant experiences or journeys we carry that enables us to see these within such music. I carry memories spent in deserts, canyons, and mountains and forests both alone and with a special loved one. These came brilliantly alive as I listened to “LEYENDA”. These are sounds that strengthen and nourish any spirit that carries the experiences that allow taking the nourishment in. Garcia Lopez brings me back to my own heartbeat here.

Lopez’ raspy, intense, but soothing voice predominates with lovely melodic Flute threads that weave into tapestries of beautiful rhythms and heartfelt lyrics that lift the spirit. If you enjoy traditional native American music by artists like Carlos Nakai and Ah Nee Mah, New Age music and the modern Chill ambient sound, then “LEYENDA” mixes all of those with Lopez’ own mystical South American-tinged experimentation. “LEYENDA” truly blends modern, ethnical and historical influences to produce a great work of sonic art that touches the soul.

A consummate musician, Garcia Lopez with “LEYENDA”, produces haunting music that gently transports you back to a time when music was more than just entertainment, in a way that is both touching and mystic. Be prepared to be taken on a journey where you will be introduced to the feelings, thoughts and impressions that Lopez himself seems to hold dear to his heart. He will show you through his music what the power of the cosmos may mean to us, and he will instill that awe of supreme life, spirit and nature in you.

The spiritual realm is opened as layers of gentle sound surround the listener. Anyone listening will be almost instantly open to exploring their own personal journey on this path called life; “LEYENDA” is another excellent example of Garcia Lopez’ commitment to musical excellence with meaning.


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