G $Money – “Suicide” produced by Thatz Dat Heat Productions

G $Money, born Robert Payison on April 25th, 1991 in Trinidad, is the second of three children. He started writing short stories and lyrics at the tender age of 11. A year later he started rapping after hearing 50Cent’s debut album which his older brother bought.

Determined to make a name for himself, G $Money, whose name was given to him be a deceased friend, started practicing to become the best he could be.  Most of G $Money’s work has been produced by Jahbez of Thatz Dat Heat Productions whom he has worked with for the past few years.

The single cover
The single cover

In 2014 he dropped a single called “Secret Admirer” and now is back with another single, “Suicide”, produced by Thatz Dat Heat Productions. In order for you to appreciate this track, you have to understand the hip hop world. This is not just another mainstream song, it’s blend of what G $Money has been doing in the underground world since he released “Do it Big” and “Think It’s Just Rap”.

“Suicide”, is one of the hottest tracks G $Money has done up until now, because of the lyrics, the hooks, the punchlines weaving in and out of a dope beat and the versatility. G $Money is an artist that can flow about money in one song, women the next song, and life in the hood on the next song, all while maintaining a true and real flow to each track. And now he moves onto the subject of ‘suicide’ with the same success, ably supported by the cool female voice of Tia Thompson.

G $Money captures everything in life and makes you experience it as you hear his words spit into the mic. He uses all the resources at his fingertips, great production, good lyrics and a solid flow. Definitely a song you can bump to in the car while you’re waiting at a stop light, so the person next to you can hear it – “Suicide” is straight fire!


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