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G.Klef – Vietnam: The Beat Tape -Atmospheric with Soul Bearing Depth

Born on June 12th in Los Angeles, California, Edward “G.Klef” Bush knew at an early age that his heart was in music. Throughout his early childhood, he was glued to the radio and recited his favorite artist’s rhymes such as “Snoop Dogg” and “Dr.Dre”. By the age of 9, he started to fall in love with the idea of composing music. He joined his elementary school singing group and played the drums.

By his middle school years, “G.Klef” entered the school band where he learned to play the tenor saxophone and trombone. He became one of the standout students and this is where he started to elevate his talents. A friend introduced to him to the programs “Fruity Loops” and “Reason” and from there it was history!

As it has been for many years now, true innovation is happening in bedrooms and basements across the world. Anywhere that there is a creative person, a computer, a pair of headphones, and a decent software program, you can bet that you’ll hear something truly original. If you look in the right places, you’ll find some of the best stuff you’ve ever heard.

Some of the most slept-on producers of our day probably could be raving successes if they liked performing or went out of their way to market their sounds through the appropriate channels. But most of them don’t, instead spending their time crafting nuanced songs and beats for a generation of fame-hungry and star-struck rappers.

gklef-beattape-400One such beat maker is Edward “G.Klef” Bush, who has just released his 13-track beat mixtape, namely,G.Klef – Vietnam: The Beat Tape. It might not seem all that special initially. Other hip-hop producers have released instrumental collections too. The idea of an instrumental hip-hop mixtape is not unique. However, this transcends the simple notion of an album of beats. It is a beautiful, detailed, and reproduces styles from a variety of influences, that lyrically-ready rap artists will love.

The first thing you will notice are the mixtape’s standout tracks. Although virtually every song on this album is great, there are a couple that standout from the rest. One such standout is “Brickz,” the second full song on the mixtape. This song straddles the line between a beat and an atmospheric ambient song and also straddles the line between hip-hop and the electronica genre. It also gets you acquainted with G.Klef’s technique of unexpectedly dropping elements into a song. Yet with even with disparate and ethereal elements, nothing feels out of place.

Another thing that will stand out is the apparent use of underlying melodies. This album is instrumental in the sense that no one is directly rapping or singing over the beats. Yet I can almost hear melodic ambiances arise throughout the various songs, though there is no particular instrument dedicated to reproducing a melody line as such. I think this unusual aspect (whether deliberate or not) plays a very large part in this beat mixtape’s success. The result is often unusual and almost revelatory.

Other standout tracks for me include: “My Block”,  “The Killer”, “The Game”, “Good Kush”, “Cocaine” and “Rise”. Any rapper with the simplest of flows would be able to rhyme beautifully across these beats without too much effort.

I really think that Vietnam: The Beat Tape a superb beat mixtape. The reason why is because it is well produced, it showcases G.Klef’s great work, while the beats are all atmospheric with soul bearing depth. Unlike the radio rubbish we’re so used to!



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