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    Objective Rachel

    While the author of this article clearly IS the artist in question or simply knows nothing about music, it’s clear he genuinely cares about Frank as a person. Let’s be honest, Frank Palangi has a lot going for him, including passion, drive, and clarity of vision for his goal of stardom. Unfortunately what he lacks is the common sense to know that he is never going to get there. For one, I’ve never heard a more unappealing voice than Frank’s. It’s somewhere in between a dying cat and cow giving birth. Whoever he learned to sing vibrato from should be sent to the salt mines to work for eternity. Two, Frank’s songwriting is reminiscent of a kindergarten class’s story time. It’s over the top cheesy and emo to the extreme. His lyrics are as cliche as a hot chick singing Happy Birthday in the style of Marilyn Monroe but 8,000,000 time less appealing. There are no hooks, no interesting breakdowns, and no intriguing turn arounds. The melodies are as cookie cutter as they come. Frank is a kind and gentle soul but he seems to think ramming his self indulgent crap down our throats is OK. “…compete with the big boys of rock.” First of all, Frank is ripping off Creed but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s just paying homage. I’d say the big boys of rock THESE DAYS are Alterbridge, Shinedown, Seether, etc. REALLY? FRANK PALANGI SHOULD BE ON THAT LIST??? /facepalm

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      Rick Jamm

      Hi Objective Rachel,

      First-off thanks for your input and interest. My review is just an opinion, I’m not sure whether it is more or less respectable than yours, but its just an opinion and not an imposition. I really don’t know Frank personally, but I do care about musicians willing to put their creative works online and ‘in the line of fire’ so to speak. Simply looking for so called negative points in any body of work is relatively simple, unearthing the positivety is what I primarily look for in music today.

      There was a time, I thought I’d “never heard more unappealing voices” than a young Bob Dylan as well as Lou Reed. Today these two artists have sold well over 75 million albums. Quite recently I watched David Lee Roth stumble off-key on numerous songs during the latest Van Halen Tour. I’ve always thought that David sounded “somewhere in between a dying cat and cow giving birth.” Van Halen have sold over 80 million albums worldwide. This proves that our opinions are only personal memos and don’t really mean that much to everyone else.


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        as a fan of Franks I must say no one gives his all as much as he does .. I have never met him but he has what it takes .. granted it is a tough business and unless you conform to the industry these days it is hard to make it .. he has done online shows on http://www.stageit.com and weather he’s playing to 100 10 or 1 person he gives his all to make it the best show you will ever see .. he has made an effort to personally call some of his fans and reaches out as much as he can either on facebook or through emails .. he has the drive and is open to the opinions of people such as yourself Objective Rachel, and I am sure he has taken note of it .. maybe he will make it to the big time and maybe he won’t but he has a dream and he strives to make it a reality .. if he gave up over one bad review it would be sad .. I honestly thought Mick Jagger Bob Dylan and a few other not so cute or awful ( in my opinion) singers never had a chance either but look how they have held up over the years .. Frank Palangi has talent ,drive and desire and is willing to learn how to improve ( not that he needs it ) .. I loved the review and Keep Rocking Frank

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    brenda brown

    as a fan of Frank’s for over a year ( who also never met him personally) I can say he is a genuine person , he reaches out to his fans and makes us feel special by including us in all his endeavors.. he has done shows on http://www.stageit.com and weather hes playing to 100 10 or 1 person he gives his all .. he has personally called many fans thanking them for their support, who today does that regardless of their place in the music world .. will he make the ranks of a John Bonjovi or Pearl Jam who knows but he has he right to have a dream and the opinion of one person will not deter him from that .. Objective Rachel , you are entitled to say what you feel but to those of us who know frank know he has a dream and the will to make it happen and I am proud to say I will back him all the way


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