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Frank Fois: “World Keep on Turning” – absolute soul and fire standing firmly in the mud, dirt and roots of the Blues!

Frank Fois is a blues singer, guitarist and songwriter who started playing the guitar at 3, immediately showing a great passion for music, and especially for the blues. During 2001 he took part in a major concert organized by UNICEF in which he played some original songs.

In 2003 Frank started attending the Music Conservatory, studying classical guitar. Very soon he started playing in the theaters of Sardinia, and throughout Italy. During 2013 he performed in Australia, and in different European states, such as Germany, France, England and Italy.

Frank completed his first recordings in a studio at only 6 years old. He has participated in several competitions in Italy, often finishing up as the winner. After moving to New York, he performed in the best clubs of Manhattan and Long Island as “B.B. King Blues Club”, “Terra Blues”, “Tammany Hall”, “Red Lion”, and many others.

frank-fois-400During his career, Frank has met a variety of legendary blues artists who have also influenced him, like Eric Clapton, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Gregg Allman, Johnny Winter, Joe Bonamassa, Mick Taylor, and many others.

Frank Fois has recently released his single, “World Keep on Turning”. Frank makes music that pretty much no young artist could or would do today. He has an amazing ability to put together songs that can both surprise and please; artistic yet somehow just commercially accessible enough to have a broader appeal like Joe Bonamassa has. It’s as if he knows that he has a core group to serve but will also stretch the boundaries somewhat. The emphasis seems to more toward a wider blues-rock sound with moments that remind one that there is a master at work.

Frank knows how to use his considerable skills to serve the music rather than just grandstand. Great playing is everywhere but the arrangement is kept fairly lean… as true blues music should be. His guitar skills are up there with the best, in the same rarified air as Jeff Beck, Derek Trucks and Eric Clapton. Frank Fois’ take on the blues however, is never exceedingly crisp and pop-precise, as he sticks to the raw guttural emotion with great vocals and guitar phrasings.

There probably are only a handful of young upcoming guitarists that can truly be considered potentially great. Frank Fois is now definitely on my short list of those guitarists.

“World Keep on Turning” and Frank Fois are both true gems – absolute soul, fire ,originality, good writing and improvising skills, and all while standing very firmly in the mud, dirt and the roots of the Blues!


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