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FooN: “Whatever May Come” covers everything from melodic rock to metal!

FooN is a hard rock band from Denmark consisting of singer Thorbjørn Randrup and guitarist Mathias ‘Tot’ Schwartzbach. Since 2011 ‘hard work’ has been their keywords. Their style is experimental hard rock with elements from metal, punk, alternative, and even jazz. Furthermore the band experiment with ukuleles, percussion, and a vast number of guest musicians and singers that especially makes their live performance exceptional.


FooN has played as support for acts such as Award-winning TURBOWEEKEND, and blues-rock veterans THE WHAT, as well as having played festivals all over Denmark. Their music has been played on both Danish and British radio. The EP “Whatever May Come” was released on February 1st 2014, and contained re-recordings from the demo ”Beginning” from 2011, as well as new songs.


FooN definitely has strong Sabbath and other great heavy 70s band’s influences. It also has influences from renaissance music, especially the vocals, and even reminds me of some the 60s psychedelic era bands; a rock band that kicks serious guitar thunder. The rhythm with which these rockers play is absolutely thrilling, equal parts old school as well as a fresh new energy.

There are no overdone digital effects for FooN, no post-recording computer effects. The distortion is all overdriven tubes as far as I can tell. There aren’t many straight forward, compact up-lifting melodies, as the band delivers sheer power, attitude and enthusiasm to break through a brick wall and into your mind.

This band simply rocks! I haven’t been so surprised by good hard rock in years. I keep thinking my affinity toward what they’re doing is novel and that it will wear off, but the more I feed myself a little of their music day by day I realize I’ve been hungering for this sort of thing done just this way. Their song arrangements are cleverly interwoven, but they’re not just clever; it is a genuinely inventive concoction to fuel the concepts of their work.


From “Unearthly Child” to “Unbroken” and “Salamanderen Niels” to “Mirror”, these guys find a way to make every one of their songs refreshing, interesting and innovative with subtle twists and turns in their delivery on each song. FooN dishes up the full meal deal, covering everything from melodic to metal. From beginning to end they kick you in the guts, and then rock you slowly back to sweetness.

Thorbjørn Randrup , Mathias ‘Tot’ Schwartzbach and company, seems to deliver the goods consistently. The album is full of great guitar work, some really nice drumming, and solid bass work, while the vocals have a definite retro taste somewhere between The Doors and Black Sabbath. It seeps into your bones, creeps into your brain and shakes you thoroughly. “Unearthly Child” and “Mirror” jumps out as the strongest tracks to me.

Like many albums, repeated listens improve your opinion of the record, and “Whatever May Come” is no different. If you’re looking for rock that pulses through your veins and lyrics that paint the temporal, give FooN a shot!






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