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FlyLyfe Swagga: “Bend It Ova” Produced by Kid Flash

FlyLyfe Swagga a.k.a youngdon originates from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a southern hiphop/rap style, and knows how to rock the crowd when he performs on stage. From club anthems to conscious music, this southern artist is truly unique and versatile.  FlyLyfe Swagga got his start at the age 16 and had his first performance at the Howling Wolf, at the age of 22. Regarded as a veteran in the game, he has truly started from the bottom. At one point FlyLyfe Swagga lost his love for hiphop and became a manager, helping other artists in the game, but through friends pushing him to get back, he couldn’t resist staying away from the mic for too long.

Now FlyLyfe Swagga bounces back with release of “Bend It Ova” Produced by Kid Flash. This single validates his status. He displays that he indeed has talent and talent galore. His flow, content, lyrics, cleverness and technique are all displayed on that this song and lets listeners know that FlyLyfe Swagga is here to stay and the sky is the limit.

From listening to his various tracks you can easily gather that FlyLyfe Swagga is always evolving, and is in his prime.When rappers make a hit song, they try to follow the successful trends yet have to stand out with their own recipe. This is what this dude did with this single. And I have to respect him for it and give credit where credit is due.

As the South continues to run the rap game, FlyLyfe Swagga’s “Bend It Ova” Produced by Kid Flash has the very essence of southern hospitality. The overtly sexual track has a mid-tempo groove with heavy kicks and crisp highs, as FlyLyfe Swagga’s flows carefully deliver step by step metaphors that relates to sexual innuendos.

Overall FlyLyfe Swagga’s delivers a track that will appeal to Party people and Street People alike. As the sexual theme is a common denominator very hard to resist to!

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