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FLIGHT delivers the goods on “Whips And Chains” Ft. Ay June

Eric Anderson is an artist that goes by the name of “Flight“. His family is from Belize but he grew up in South Central Los Angeles. The 23-year-old Flight has been working on music ever since he can remember. He says music helps him express who he is in ways he normally cannot. “The moment I picked up music I discovered what I was really capable of” he says.

Flight grew up on the West Coast but he still listens to all kinds of music. He is open-minded to new ideas and different genres. Flight has been working ever since he could walk; making sure every dollar builds another step closer to his dream.

He has worked with a lot of different artists and learned more business and people skills in the process. He tries his best to learn from every experience he has. Flight believes in the term “work harder and smarter” not “work smarter, not harder”. He is used to being doubted, but most of all he is accustomed to proving every doubt wrong!

Flight is a part of OverDryve and has been since the name was founded. To know more listen to his songs! He expresses himself through music.

Flight, like his peers, has definitely delivered big on Whips And Chains Ft. Ay June. Lyrically, he is an extremely clever rapper dropping gems that will surely not go over fans heads all throughout the track. The production is top notch as it all blends perfectly into a sound that Flight carves out as his own.

Without getting too long-winded, Flight delivers the goods on Whips And Chains Ft. Ay June. With a clever laid back rapping style, vibrant and excellent production, a great song concept and perfect appearances from the featured guest Ay June, this is not a single that will soon collect dust. This is a track that you will keep you coming back over and over.

If you ever thought that hip hop wasn’t in good hands as far as younger rappers are concerned, you only have to check Flight to be reassured. He shows that hip hop doesn’t have to be flashy and over-the-top.

While Flight exhibits a sophisticated mindset he knows how to lay down playful, fast talking wordplay to keep your adrenalin pumping. Whips And Chains Ft. Ay June never sees him flirting or compromising for a smooth, layered hook. Although Flight may still be finding his true niche in the rap industry, he offers an original sound that seems to be getting better and better, proving that he has the ambition to be among the best.


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