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Eva Under Fire: “Betrayer” – an alluring rock vixen and a mind-blowing band!

Every so often, I come across a band that excites me more and more as I listen to their music for the first time. Detroit Alternative-Rock band, Eva Under Fire is one of those bands – consisting of 5 established musicians with strong local backgrounds – Amanda Lyberg – Vocals, Rob Lyberg – Guitar, Jeff Llewellyn – Bass/Vocals, Corey Newsome – Drums, and Chris Slapnix – Guitar/Vocals, simply command respect. Not only do they have a powerful female on lead vocals, but the guitar riffs are awesome. I haven’t heard anything like this since the early 90s… and even earlier when legends like Pat Benatar and Heart comes to mind!

I’ve just been listening to “Betrayer,” a track off the upcoming and still unnamed Eva Under Fire album. Amanda Lyberg has the growl and attitude, the guitarists Rob Lyberg and Chris Slapnix, are tight as hell, Corey Newsome has the drums on lockdown, as he and the bassist Jeff Llewellyn are in the pocket, holding it all together. I generally prefer European female-led symphonic metal/rock bands, but Eva Under Fire has really impressed me very quickly.

Eva-Under-Fire-logoI wouldn’t even bring it up, but before anyone jumps the gun, because of some bland similarities, no, Eva Under Fire is absolutely not trying to be the new Evanescence. They’re totally their own thing. Eva Under Fire kick ass! The entire band is musically sound all around with killer guitar riffs, awesome bass and drum tempo, along with the masterful vocals of Amanda Lyberg. When Amanda sings with the soulful and heartfelt passion of an alluring rock vixen on “Betrayer,” you can’t resist taking notice while blowing your mind. It’s a refreshing sight to see a sexy as hell, strong willed, talented and independent female artist like Amanda doing the rock world proud, along with the rest of the band.

As a hardcore rocker and a lover of symphonic metal, I was surprised that I have enjoyed this track as much as I have, since it is a very polished release designed for mass popular rock appeal. However, the very powerful and outstanding female vocal performance by lead singer Amanda Lyberg, the catchy tune and phrasing, and the hard-rocking, full of energy and well-rehearsed band, make for an extremely compelling listen.

All-round, Eva Under Fire is fantastic. If “Betrayer” doesn’t get you going and make you feel something, go back to your morgue. I expect great things for this band and I can’t wait to see what Amanda and the guys come up with next on their forthcoming album!


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