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ENGI: The “There Is No Mercy” Ep bleeds dance-floor emotion!

The music is built on ENGI’s personal vision of issues we may face regularly within life’s ‘greater design’.

Starting with a simple T-Shirt company in New York under the name Pearl District and expanding into a music mogul, Gary Gullo, or under his new moniker ENGI has been climbing the ladder and making a name for himself at an extremely fast pace. First getting his feet wet in the music industry with the production company Zero Gravity Entertainment, he was booking shows at some of the biggest clubs in New York City. Sponsoring parties alongside High Times with artists including Method Man, Zero Gravity was considered a success.

Now, ENGI has decided to take the music into his own hands, going from Techno, to mainstream house and everything in between with a unique underground influence to pull in all electronic music fans. He has just dropped his 3-track Ep, “There Is No Mercy” out now on Beatport. An absolutely flawless Ep with intelligently mastered beats so intoxicating you’ll find yourself wanting to repeat-play the Ep continuously.

“There Is No Mercy”  is a magic carpet ride through ENGI’s thoughts and feelings on the music industry (“There Is No Mercy”), the troubled times In NYC and the USA in general (“Liberty Will Never Perish”) and the loss of a loved one (“Wolf I Feel You”), in this case his dog Taz.

The Ep takes you through sensually soulful beats that’ll make you want to “drop it” to the floor, to inspiring rhythms that’ll make your soul dance faster than your feet. This music producer is impressive, and quite honestly a deep-thinker. ENGI knows how to make beats plain and simple. Front to back “There Is No Mercy” bleeds dance-floor emotion.

I’m not a super electronic-music fanatic, but every so often somebody comes along with enough soul and inventive beats that are equally entertaining as they are deeply fascinating. Usually this description does not go along with the simple Dj-Producer nametag, but rather with someone a little more honed on music atmospherics than music aesthetics. Or rather the everlasting battle between ‘Feel’ vs.’Thrill’. In music, I prefer the former, and luckily for me, this is what ENGI delivers on the “There Is No Mercy” Ep.

engi-400The music is built on ENGI’s personal vision of issues we may face regularly within life’s ‘greater design’. Lofty terminology, metaphoric descriptions, or use of ambiguous allegories, will not do it justice. Just press play!!!






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