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ELERI getting set for New Video Premiere and Debut Album – “Love Cyanidation”

“I Need the Chase” – The official video of the track will be released December 2.

Eleri grew up in a small north of Chicago where she took up guitar, voice and piano lessons while also frequenting the Berkleee College of Music summer programs. After moving to L.A. and transforming her apartment into “The Canopy Studios”, Eleri began working her way through, what on February 3, will be released as Love Cyanidation, or rather, the album she produced, engineered and played every instrument on, herself.

In early 2014, Eleri released the tantalizing single “Play Me,” to wet everyone’s appetite for her upcoming album. Chris Corner of IAMX (Gary Numan, Imogen Heap) directed the steamy MUSIC VIDEO which supported the song. And just in case somebody somewhere hadn’t quite gotten the drift of Eleri’s effervescent talent the first time around, she candidly dropped the second single from the album, entitled “I Need the Chase”. The official video of the track will be released December 2, 2014.

Like a beautiful musical sprite from another universe, Eleri casts a spell with Love Cyanidation that is both a marvel and treasured gift. It doesn’t fit in the box of any one musical genre. It cleverly covers a wide range of musical styles, moving from IDM and alternative rock to acoustic and electronic; all playing a testament to her artistry.

Listen to “I Need the Chase” through headphones and notice the way the Eleri has balanced the sound, it’s as though the music is actually passing straight through your head from one ear to the other! In anticipation of her album, I could easily get my daily fix by listening to this track alone.

Eleri is one of the few true female musical talents coming into the industry, as evidenced by her music and videos.  Go to YouTube and prepare to be amazed by “Play Me” , while you await the release of her new video which as we mentioned, is coming out  December 2 and which I’ve already seen the ‘unofficial’ preview of.

Love Cyanidation is a wonderful alternative to the pop world. In it, Eleri takes us on a journey to unexpected places which after the first listen you just have to dive straight back in and listen some more.  From the acoustic, “Butterfly” through the aforementioned “I Need The Chase” to “Wake Up Dreaming”, Eleri is a force to be reckoned with.

She is unique, soulful, extremely talented, sincere, and is not afraid to take risks with her craft, mixing many opposing elements. It is obvious that she is not lacking in honesty and heart when it comes to her music. This is becomes more evident as she explains the origins of the album title, Love Cyanidation. “In gold cyanidation, you have to use poison to extract this beautiful metal—gold,” she explains. “In life, our greatest pains are necessary to find our greatest pleasures, wisdom, and love. The album is about love and relationships. I replaced ‘gold’ with ‘love’ to represent that process of pain and pleasure in finding happiness.”

Eleri is like Portishead meets Imogen Heap meets Björk meets Lana Del Rey and the results of her meticulous work are evident from the first song you hear her perform. I love finding a new artist – it’s like finding a pearl inside an oyster at your favorite restaurant. And that’s what Eleri is -fantastic vocals, complex and unexpected music. And even great music videos.

No doubt Eleri has a great future ahead. I’ll definitely be watching!

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