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Electronic Duo – Mississippi Jones: “Unreleased” Runs The Gamut of Emotions!

Mississippi Jones is a genre bending electronic duo capturing something more encompassing than can be expected. Together Mississippi and J@$ work to create authentic original songs that celebrate revolution, love, independence, and connection. Pulling from a vibrant array of sources and winning over lovers of all genres, their music is influenced by a broad range of artists from Stevie Wonder to Nina Simone to KRS One.

Crisp, poignant, vulnerable, melodic and soulful; you can tell Mississippi Jones crafted their 13 track debut “Unreleased” carefully because such attention to detail is paid. Personally I haven’t seen songwriting of this caliber in popular music in a long time. They are a throwback to a time when artists wrote poetry to music and people could relate to it in their own lives – making this album, in my opinion, an instant classic.

From the thumping beats indicating a sense of urgency in “Love In The Possessive” to the pulsating landscape of “Different Kind Of Love” to the electrifying emotion of  “Bring  To Me”, onto the disturbing soundscapes of “Change” and “Judgement Day” to the deeply personal “Like Lightning”, Mississippi Jones take you on a journey with them, all the way through.

Starting from the very first two tracks, “Prynne” and “Committed”, which are my absolute favorites, this is the album you put on to ache, then garner inspiration, and ultimately, heal.

Mississippi Jones not only refreshes the music industry with breathtaking and eclectic soundscapes but with a female lead voice that brings back fond memories of the best interpretations by Annie Lennox. She grabs your nervous system and drags you into her emotional world, being able to sound both modern and retro all at once!

Every once in a while an album comes along that reminds us of the beauty of the human spirit and its inner vulnerability. These songs chronicle life’s ever changing emotions. The genre is quite varied. Some songs are soul influenced; others tend towards pop, electro or even rock. The key thing is they are all fantastic, and in my opinion, surpassing many of the very seasoned entertainer’s offerings in today’s pop music arena.

“Unreleased” runs the gamut of emotions, much like the life-cycle of a relationship: ecstasy, torment, exasperation, resolution, and acceptance. Everyone will find something to identify with in this album, which is essential to any serious music collection.

Absolutely wonderful, heartfelt and passionate; “Unreleased” displays pure artistry and raw talent. If you love outstanding vocals and stunning music arrangements, I am confident that you’ll love Mississippi Jones!

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