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EDWARD: “L.A. White” and “Super Cheese” – EDM For The Mind!

My introduction to the electronic artist, EDWARD, was simply these words: ‘In October 2013 I escaped from a psych ward in Wisconsin and fled West with nothing but my Macbook, a few hundred bucks, and my shitty Honda…’

Well, have you ever wondered what it  is like to be lurking inside the head of an insane, runaway artist at the peak of his creativity? Probably not, but if you find yourself wondering what the soundtrack to such an event would sound like, then you should checkout “L.A. White” and a bunch of other tracks at EDWARD’S Soundcloud website. The tracks move along at such dizzying paces that you don’t have time to catch your breath. Each song has its own, unique melody to accompany the often eclectically-structured, rhythmic beats, which would be utterly impossible to dance to…unless you’re double-jointed of course.

And that’s EDWARD’S deadly electronic weapon!

The music from “L.A. White” and the rest of the tracks that make up the EP Super Cheese, grab hold of you, while you desperately want to do something like dance, but  can’t. You’re hypnotized to sit there while EDWARD scrambles through your brain, breaking everything he can find, rendering you helpless to breathe, think or move.

Few electronic musicians come anywhere near to expressing the kind of complex personality that runs through EDWARD’S tracks. His arrangements are a paradox of sorts. It’s very abrasive, but yet it is also very dreamy in parts. You’ll find you can listen to it, and focus on it intensely, or just play it in the background and be equally satisfied with it.

The sounds and rhythms move between EDM groove and ambient music for film soundtracks. The basic structure involves having, relatively light melodies on top of disjointed, interruptive rhythm patterns underneath. It forms an interesting contrast and counterpoint throughout EDWARD’S tracks: the lighter melody adds structure to the music and the harsher rhythms improvise and entertain.

Underneath the acid synths, the airy melody, and the contrasting handclapping rhythms, “L.A. White” shows just how powerful and moving electronica can be. The music sounds harsh, at first listen, but repeat listens uncover complex patterns within the music, and a charming sense of melody, which you will rediscover on the tracks “Super Cheese” and “Seattle”.

The music is sweeping and purely enjoyable in many ways; it is at times dark and at others, uplifting. It showcases the creativity and variety not only of sound, but the process of making sound;  providing a window into EDWARD’S creative mind.


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