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DJ JAY Drops the Pop-Lock Friendly Dance Track – “Dj Let’s Play”

Dj Jay Julian is a Dutch deejay who loves using his own beats, effects and loops, etc. Julian lives in The Netherlands near Rotterdam and The Hague where he first became a DJ at small local festivals. He believes if you are unique, work hard and really do the mixing yourself, you can make a change. His mission: help other “little” unique DJ’s, so that they can perform at bigger Gigs.

Dj Jay plays small personal gigs for up to 500 people as well as bigger EDM events in, and outside of The Netherlands. So if you’re searching for a professional deejay, a simple email to info@djjay.nl will set you up with fees and all other info you may need.

In the meantime Dj Jay has released his latest track, “Dj Let’s Play”. This electronic single, unlike so many EDM mixes on the market, is one of the few that has made me hit the |<< button on the player multiple times before the end even arrived. Dj Jay mixes it up and serves a track that can’t help but make you move, whether you’re sitting down or standing up.

The pop-lock friendly “Dj Let’s Play” from Dj Jay is incredibly danceable and sexy. The sparse and playful vocals are seductive and penetrate your body as all good dance vocals should. Over and above being undeniably danceable, the track is uplifting, making the listener feel good about the music and life in general.

The whispering vocals in this song blend seamlessly with the flowing music and melodic progressions. The break downs and builds-up continue to layer on deeper beats and sensibilities, making you feel like you’re growing with the music at a club as opposed to a DJ simply delivering the same sound throughout.

As the bassline grooves become more urgent, the synths grow varied, and by the time the song comes to a close, you realize that you’ve just been a part of something pretty cool. Dj Jay’s “Dj Let’s Play”, is one of the better up-tempo tracks out there, and comes highly recommended.

From the outset, you’ll soon find that nodding your head is not enough. This track demands some more energetic movements. This track demands some sweat. In a few words, “Dj Let’s Play”, is dance-floor stuff!



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