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DJ Babba: I’m Gonna Live My Life The Way That I Want (Feat. David Lightfoot)

DJ Babba grew in the Netherlands in a very musical family during the 80’s, where his musical influences are rooted. He listened to Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Reggea to Italo disco music. However his taste in music also comes from working with other artists and listening to today’s stars, like David Guetta.

DJ Babba has been working in the music industry for many years, producing albums for other artists. His music style varies from Dance, Trance, Pop and Electronic. He spent the last year  working with some great and famous singers to complete his first debut album “Hear Me Out”.

DJ Babba’s debut album has 16 electronic-based songs, including vocals by Romy (ex 2 Unlimited), Eddy King, David Lightfoot and more. The album is an amazing piece of musical creativity with DJ Babba traversing several different dance genres. The well constructed house and trance beats meets the laid back ambience. DJ Babba then ropes in some great vocal talent to add their own magic to his music.

The truth is in the beats, the bass and the melody. The testament to DJ Babba’s ability stands here in the finished product. “Hear Me Out” is a complete musical journey on it’s own, and an album which can be put on heavy rotation without fear of evr getting bored.

This particular album has proved that DJ Babba has successfullly stepped into a world for those who like Dance, Euro, Electro and the like. The standout track, I’m Gonna Live My Life The Way That I Want (Feat. David Lightfoot) is definitely one of my favorites. The song is smooth and uplifting with David Lightfoot bringing his own personality through DJ Babba’s stellar electro-vibed dance beat.

DJ Babba has dance, pop and electronica music tones in many of the musical tracks and I’m Gonna Live My Life The Way That I Want (Feat. David Lightfoot) is a great example of this.  It’s is both cool and exciting, and is great for dancing at home or clubbing the night away!

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