Delirium Cordia: “Litost” – From raw and energetic to very polished and powerful!

Delirium Cordia is a Mexican-Danish Industrial Metal band, who has now released its third album, entitled “Litost”. On the heels of their acclaimed previous albums “Mother Of All Sorrow” and “Phantom Pain”, Delirium Cordia has produced an even more powerful heavy/nu-metal album with “Litost”. Delirium Cordia’s members; founder Joffre O. Videz (drums), Ivan Stenger (vocals), Jorge Cornejo (bass), ChaRock García (lead guitar) and Kevin Mozbeeth (keyboards) have expanded their dynamic range, clearly illustrating maturity and improved musicianship over their previous albums.

The album cover
The album cover

Delirium Cordia have honed their modern metal assault to a fine edge here, tempering it with a compelling sense of dynamics missing from all too many similar heavy forgings. They have hammered together the solid foundations of what stands as their best album to date, a collection that succeeds by reverting to more traditional song-forms and often operating at something other than a relentless fevered pitch.

However, if you do truly appreciate music as an art form and not something simply to be worn as a badge of honor, then you will listen to Delirium Cordia’s latest release with total delight. “Litost” displays a warmth previously missing from their sound. I love the previous albums however this album covers a range of emotions which is ultimately far more effective than their previous work; the fact that the band has been nominated for “Best Latin Album”, by Headbangers Latinoamérica, only further emphasis my point.

ChaRock García and Ivan Stenger
ChaRock García and Ivan Stenger

On “Litost”, Delirium Cordia are demonstrating they have the ability to become stronger and actually improve over time rather than suffer from apathy, lazy songwriting or basically ‘coasting’ on their albums. Ivan Stenger pours his whole heart into every song. You can hear this while you listen to each track, especially evident is his voice changing a little bit for each song; for the uniqueness of each song; which goes to show how much Ivan put into these songs, as well as the rest of the band members. Founder, composer and drummer, Joffre O. Videz continues to cement his reputation on this album. His playing and writing, as always, is intelligent, inspired and addictive. Jorge Cornejo (bass), ChaRock García (lead guitar) and Kevin Mozbeeth (keyboards) do the rest, to give this album its “mean and melodious” sound.

Joffre O. Videz
Joffre O. Videz

From raw and energetic works to very polished and powerful passages, tune into standout tracks, such as “Green Go! (White Noise)”, “Getting No Relief”, “Black Spirit”, “High On Power”, “Morose Days” and “Verlass Mich Nicht” and discover how this  band has gone from strength to strength. Unlike the majority of rock acts that provide fillers between decent tracks, Delirium Cordia makes sure each track rocks here. If you have ever enjoyed this band’s music then do yourself a favor and pick this one up, as they have infused their music with new life!

The Delirium Cordia Story: Originally formed and founded by Joffre O. Videz in 2007 in Mexico City. After 5 years of experimenting with different instrumental compositions, it became clear to Joffre that Delirium Cordia needed a lead singer. As destiny would have it, Danish vocalist Ivan Stenger listened to Delirium Cordia on the ReverbNation band page. He got very interested in the music so he contacted Joffre, offering to sing on the tracks. They decided to start the collaboration over the internet exchanging music files and ideas. The chemistry was good and within 4 months they had created a full length album. Then they decided to work on a second full length album entitled “Phantom Pain”. Next they went forward and booked a live session at Cicuta Records in Mexico City. Ivan would cross the Atlantic to finally meet Joffre in person for the first time. Meanwhile Joffre recruited a full band to play at the Live Session. Jorge Cornejo would join the band as bass player, ChaRock García as lead guitar player and Kevin Mozbeeth on the keyboards. Furthermore in the band’s first single “Getting no Relief”, Marcela Bovio from the band Stream Of Passion collaborated with them.

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