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Deedub: “Liberation” – Reggae-infused Grooves, Spiked with Hip-hop Rhymes!

Deedub is a musical artist creating modern works according to the trademark gobbledy gook. His new album Liberation” is a blend of hip-hop, reggae, and world music. The song topics are fresh and progressive. Deedub has a history of rocking shows in the Western states with singer KLB. They have been the opening act for legends like Snoop Dogg (hip-hop) and Eek-A-Mouse (reggae/world).

To summarize Deedub, “We’re lucky to get these opportunities to spread the stoke.” Throughout Deedub’s career he has learned production skills from the likes of Young Guru (producer for Jay-Z) and Khaliq-O-Vision (producer for Michael Jackson) and continues to learn from the best.

The 14-track “Liberation” album is out on his Deedub Records label, which has been gaining a worldwide following since 2008. Deedub takes ska, rap, hiphop, reggae and whatever else he can lay his ears on, combining it into his own amazingly unique sound.

Though he slips and slides through the cracks of Hip-hop and Rap, you cannot really define exactly what Deedub does; it simply is what it is – incredibly uplifting music. The fact that he can’t be perfectly categorized inot one box is what you have to respect, he transcends barriers. Beyond the bustling rhythms there are the inspirational lyrics which prove Deedub’s adeptness as a modern day street poet.


The tunes are grooving and kicking while the beats stick in your head and you’ll find yourself rocking out to tracks like “Have Fun”, “Pure Love”(feat.KLB), “I Smarten Up”, “Burn Notice”, “Underdog” and “Seven”.

Straight forward, raw and incredibly well-produced for an independent release, this album is thoroughly entertaining throughout. But while this album certainly has a fun, partying vibe, the gritty and raunchy subject matter of the songs makes this record more progressive than poppy.

There’s a lot more going on than the danceable, reggae-infused grooves, spiked with hip-hop rhymes. It’s well crafted, epic in tone and it’s catchy as hell; it rocks, it chills, it flows, and it’s completely unashamed to revel in its own infectious, groovy vibe.

“Liberation” is not for the pretentious or for the up-tight, delivering a gritty sound with heart and a whole lot of soul. For anyone who does not own it yet or is still on the fence; worry not. This album is great. It will put you in a good mood every time you listen to it. It’s upbeat and yet relaxing.

What “Liberation” does, is give a great rapper like Deedub a platform to expound on. The music is clever, catchy and powerful, the lyrics are well thought out and it’s a very good mix of sounds.  Top shelf right through!


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