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Dark Matter: “Fear washes Away All Doubts” – a dark ride through a tormented world!

With the release of Fur Fur My God in 2014, Dark Matter aka Brendan Dean proved that mixing dark hardcore imagery and lyrical content with Rap and Hip-hop was an integral part of the project’s DNA. The  infectious beats, the smooth voice and stellar lyrics combined to create an album that went beyond the banality of today’s radio rap and brings bringing it back to a level which it originates from; the spoken word.

Fear washes Away All Doubts
Fear washes Away All Doubts

In 2015 Dark Matter is back with a brand new 11-track album entitled, “Fear washes Away All Doubts”, which also features the underground rapper Jak Tripper. Though this is a new release, apparently the tracks have been compiled from various time periods which obviously impact the overall album theme which is ever-changing. However the subject matter central to the album is the tenebrous and destructive nature of society.

Dark Matter has taken the whole rock-rap thing into a different dimension. It’s a fresh flavor of fat trippy hardcore beats and phat rhymes. The beats are complex and the spoken words are very inventive. Expect explicit lyrics, foul language, and sexual innuendo bathed in tales of twisted social destruction.

Every obstacle, every struggle, and all the negativity you may have experienced in life is nothing compared to what Dark Matter describes on “Fear washes Away All Doubts”. Hate, anger, pain and sex are merely seeds to be collected, planted, and then harvested. At the end, you reap what you sow and sometimes not even that!

Brendan Dean aka Dark Matter
Brendan Dean aka Dark Matter

Dark Matter brings to the rap scene a more intense, grittier, more real and harrowing experience than you’ll hear on any radio station. If you’re a hardcore or horrorcore fan and this doesn’t catch your ear then you should go buy some nipple tassels and listen to Miley Cyrus instead.

This album is from the depths of the scary, dark, backwoods of your mind so if you’re not up to testicular fortitude, you better get the heck out.  Some of the best moments on this album are Our Father Featuring Jak Tripper (Veto mega prod) , Falsely Condemned, Hurt Featuring Jak Tripper, The Visit, Manic Depression and Violet.

“Fear washes Away All Doubts” is absolutely brilliant wickedness, in every sense of the word, from start to finish. Lyrically, Dark Matter delivers a solid performance, with excellent features by Jak Tripper; providing a dark ride through their tormented worlds. This album is not intended for faint of heart and is meant to be played at high volume. You have been warned!

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