Darcy Jeavons: “Love Her More Than I Do” – a delicious blend of her amazing voice and rich imagery

Darcy Jeavons was born and raised in Southern California, and has been making music her whole life. At a very young age, she picked up a guitar — and knew right away that it would be a perfect way to create the songs she wanted to share. Darcy has performed over time in a variety of venues, but her fondest memories performing are the numerous occasions she sang the National Anthem in California — for professional games including the L.A. Dodgers, Anaheim Angels, San Diego Chargers and Padres, L.A. Kings, L.A. Galaxy — to name only a very few.

darcy-jeavons-loveher-300Darcy obtained a BA of Music at California State University Long Beach Cole Conservatory in 2011. She has also earned her second Music Production Certificate with Berklee College of Music in Boston (Online Studies), which has opened many new creative doors. She also enjoys teaching guitar, voice, and a variety of other instruments — as well as leading worship at local churches in her area. Although Darcy composes music and writes lyrics to the vast majority of her originals, she also collaborates with a variety of musicians from around the world.

A few months ago Darcy Jeavons released the song, “Love Her More Than I Do”. Totally self-produced, the track was a song for Darcy’s daughter, Carly, and her soul mate, preparing their marriage. Of the song, Darcy had this to say:  “I think that this song was inspired by a love that is almost impossible to put into words — but here is my musical offering for this magical occasion…”

Darcy Jeavons straddles the world between folk and pop music with equal grace and ease, forging a delicious blend of her amazing voice and rich imagery. “Love Her More Than I Do” is yet another beautiful lyrical and musical achievement in Darcy’s glowing catalog. Here Darcy invests the song with passionate vocals and shows her artistic chops as a writer by producing a song filled with insightful and memorable words and music.

Wistful but rhythmic, Darcy Jeavons follows the path cut by greats before her, as she maintains a balance between being comforting and inspiring. Darcy pours her whole heart into this recording, without being magniloquent or condescending. This is the love of a mother, simply honest and pure!

 A more powerful experience than a casual listen to this record may give hint to, “Love Her More Than I Do” shows Darcy Jeavons in the prime of adult motherhood and her art. And we the listeners are lucky observers of the journey.

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