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Daniel Bonte & The Bona Fide: “Enough” Comes Out Like a Shooting Star!

Orange County’s newest country band, Daniel Bonte & The Bona Fide are leading the charge to bring original and organic Rock Country to Southern California.  Their sound has evolved from years of solo and collaborative songwriting, live performances, jam sessions after a double-shift, late nights with Jack Daniels, heartbreak, and feel good “Moments.” If you like rock & roll, soul, blues, and the stories of country music then the Bona Fide will get your stamp of approval.

This five-piece alternative County band is made up of Daniel Bonte(Vocals), Billy Ulrich(Electric/Acoustic), Mark Davidson(Bass), Chris Luebeck(Electric/Slide), Steven Musselman(Electric/Baritone) and Jeff Spurlock(Drums). The band has been seriously on the move in recent months. They Headlined at The House Of Blues in March. They havefounded a conglomerate of other local country bands called ‘California Country’ to help grow the local country music scene. Not overworked enough, the band also made time to release a video for their summertime single “Moments”. Last, but nor least in order, the band has been booked to play on the Country Splashdown in October!

To listen to Daniel Bonte & The Bona Fide is an amazing experience. Blazing melodic guitars, terrific harmonies, technical virtuosity, and just plain out great rock n roll blended into a thousand names -Country, Rock, Blues and Soul!

I really believe the The Bona Fide is a top guitar-based unit. Their playing acumen, feel, speed and melody are all as good as it gets in this genre! And of course there are some great vocals, too!

The EP, “Enough” is their first offering, and it’s a very strong one. You get your radio play ready “Whiskey Friend” and “Moments”.  You get your Party popper, “Talk To Me” and your slow-burning heartbreaker, wrapped-up with a scorching guitar solo and rollicking hard-rock riffs, in the form of the title track, “Enough”. There really isn’t a bad song on the EP.

The guitarists Billy Ulrich, Steven Musselman and Chris Luebeck ignite the energy in this band, while the engine-room of Mark Davidson on bassand Jeff Spurlock on drums keep the rhythms riding the high-wire. Ultimately its Daniel Bonte’s powerful,”real” country vocal style, that adds a uniquely, singular twist to this great crossover band.

The band is crisp and tight and the sounds surround you like a warm rug on a cold night. The musicianship, vocals, and songwriting are something to behold. On a scale of 1 through 5, “Enough” is through the roof.Daniel Bonte & The Bona Fide have just the right mix of country and rock n roll on this, their debut Ep.

In a couple of tracks I was strongly reminded of Pure Prairie League, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, Allman Brothers, The Band, Little Feat and many other great southern crossover rock acts; confirming that The Bona Fide’s unique blend of country, rock, great harmonies and awesome guitar should not be overlooked.

The amazing thing about the songs on “Enough”, is the first time you here each track it’s like you’ve always known them! This may be Daniel Bonte & The Bona Fide’s debut EP, but it comes out like a shooting star!

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