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Dance of Atoms: ‘Atom & Eve’ Stand Out In The Best Of Ways!

Atom Man and The Phantom of Funk are the forces behind the musical group, Dance of Atoms. Little is yet known of their history together except that they hail from a small community of relative anonymity located within the great state of Texas.

Re-launching into the music world in 2014, Dance of Atoms looks to unveil their new album entitled, ‘Atom & Eve’ before the Texas heat hits this summer. ***Official release date has been announced for ‘Atom & Eve’ – July 7th for $7***

Dance of Atoms have been doing their best to stand out in a sea of alternative and dance, synth-pop. And on ‘Atom & Eve’, they do in fact stand out in the best of ways. Accessible and fun, with an underlying aggression and angst paired with strong beats and full bodied vocals, Dance of Atoms has created an album that many established pop stars in this genre don’t seem to be capable of making.

Lead vocalist Atom Man deserves credit for the success of this album. A lot of similar bands have vocals that are thin and whimsical, but Atom Man has an uncanny skill at building layers of drama and emotion through tiny tone changes. He can casually get away with quite dark lyrics at times and still have the music sound very danceable and light given his clear tone. The lyrics also have an intelligence and layer of complexity that is unusual for this genre.

Musically, this album doesn’t attempt to totally break new ground, but it certainly stretches the boundaries a long way. And in the ever-evolving electro music genre, that in itself is a major achievement. Strangely enough Dance of Atoms excel more than most, and sound more advanced too, simply by looking back over their shoulders, at some of the 80’s best new wave and electro bands.

That much is obvious as their songs differ from current electronic music, due to the sound of their harder-edged, new-wave sounding synths, and their unique vocal arrangements. Atom Man’s vocals, has the ability to stomp out major anthems for intense highs. “Dance Hard” is mind numbingly catchy with a chorus that will wreak havoc with your subconscious. “I Still Love You” has a very ethereal almost movie score quality to it, which is very interesting for an upbeat song.

While “Artificial Avalanche” and “You Burn Me Up” are my absolute favorites and without a doubt the standout tracks on this album. Harking back to the flamboyant new wave era, these two tracks showcase The Phantom of Funk’s ability to recreate the hard-edged synth sound of the Eighties, within a modern-day, rhythmic context.

If like me, you have been searching for music that takes you back to the heyday of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and Devo, but also nods to current electronic bands, you won’t go wrong with ‘Atom & Eve’. The beats are dynamic and multi-toned, while each song has captivating chord progressions and are layered well, with just enough effects to keep things interesting without sounding cheesy or gimmickry.

I hope Dance of Atoms continue to make more music like this. They blow many mainstream electronic acts out of the water. They are of a higher order, drawing from the noble synth masters of the past, rather than the dime-a-dozen electro loops and sample packs available for download around the web!

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