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Dallas Rapper Paradox Flow drops “Pantomime”

The first song off his upcoming EP entitled “Watts”, out on December 16th.

Paradox Flow is an 18 Year old rapper from Dallas, Tx. He has been featured on Coast 2 Coast Magazine, as well as on a mixtape with Rick Ross and Juicy J entitled “Money & Mayhem”Paradox Flow has just released the track “Pantomime” which is the first song off his brand new upcoming EP entitled “Watts”, out on December 16th.

Paradox Flow has a genuinely unique peculiarity, and overtly courageous attitude as a rapper. Firstly, he publicly states his awareness of where he grew up and the lifestyle he lives. “I did not come from the streets”, he states. Secondly, he continues: “I do not, and will not use the “N” word on any of my actual songs that are written, rapped and produced by me. I understand the magnitude of the word when spoken by someone like me and I do not believe in any way that I am anything but a Caucasian White Male.”

Now in a genre where street cred, cussing and being black is almost an essential ticket at the entrance doors of Rap and Hip hop music, how many artists can you remember actually making the above affirmations? I sincerely cannot remember any!

Fact is Paradox Flow drops a flurry of multies, metas, similies, and punches, across his tracks because he is an amazing lyricist with a great flow. With or without the “N” word! Paradox Flow embodies the positive essence of rap, hip hop, old school, and whatever else you can put into the genre.

And what makes “Pantomime” even more special is the amount of heart and soul he puts into it. Very smart verses, and hot beat to go with it, this track is a definite stand-out, containing all of Paradox Flow’s strong-points; great subject matter, solid storytelling, and an all-out barrage of lyrics that most ‘streetwise’ rappers would clumsily stumble over.

“Pantomime” is another wonderful installment by one of Indie Rap’s most honest interpreter’s, Paradox Flow. Just how far this young rapper manages to push the hip hop envelope and his own craft, will become more evident on the release of his upcoming Ep, “Watts”.

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