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Cypher the Avatar: “Kid Icarus Takes Flight”- transcending the genre

Cypher the Avatar is beginning to emerge as an independent alternative artist whose creativity and sound choice go hand in hand with his lyrical ability and his delivery. On his latest release, “Kid Icarus Takes Flight”, Cypher once again separates himself from what is typical hip-hop and becoming more of an alternative hip-hop artist.

Plain and simple if you truly love music and all the artistry behind it then you’re going to love “Kid Icarus Takes Flight”.  The song produced by Krooks N Kops, allows the purest vision of what Cypher the Avatar is trying to communicate to the listener. Honestly very few hip-hop artists transcend their genre and begin to create outside of what is expected of them. All this and more is accomplished in this track and it simply works.

Cypher the Avatar
Cypher the Avatar

You cannot be a shallow hip-hop- loving fan for this track to speak to you. Unlike other artists, Cypher puts his life into the music. His ‘lazy’ offbeat rhyming is his signature and no one can do it in harmony the way he does. He flows over the beat with simple ease and elegance. This is not a new direction for Cypher or a new sound. It is simply Cypher the Avatar; there is no other way to explain it.

When you listen to Cypher’s music, you’ll hear how the lines are blurred. His music makes the listener feel alive and confident. There is also empathy within his music, which is creative, edgy, and honest.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” they usually say. But Cypher the Avatar must have fixed something, as I find “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” a great improvement on “I Like You Like Me”, both in its production and lyrical flow.

Cypher the Avatar is definitely an artist carving out his own uniqueness, one track at a time. Cypher fans will not be disappointed and people who are fans of creative music in general will appreciate this man’s raw talent and ability to make interesting alternative hip-hop music.

I’m not saying that “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” is the perfect alternative hip-hop track in every possible way – can you think of one that is?  But I’m saying that it’s damn near close!


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