Contemporary Gospel Artist – Samie Bisaso: “Million Pieces” is appealing to the mind, heart and spirit

Samie Bisaso is a contemporary, soulful, gifted singer-songwriter who sings from the heart. His love for God and his craft, which he has developed over the years, defines everything that he is today and inspires the music that he puts out! Bisaso has now dropped two singles in anticipation of his upcoming album, “Million Pieces”.

samie-bisaso-300“The Million Pieces that you think is beyond repair,” says Samie Bisaso, “can be put together again, only when we learn to trust in the Lord! Your heart, that you think is shattered into a million pieces and is beyond repair, will be healed, made new and stronger than ever. For He’ll never forsake you, and there’s nothing He can’t heal, because He makes all things new! In God only,” closes Sammy, “we have help present at all times (Job1:20-22).”

Samie also says that a “Million Pieces” is a personal family testimony, birthed from his mother’s life experience – when she suffered a stroke leaving her partly paralyzed – which may serve as a powerful anthem for all. Once again, with “Million Pieces”,  Samie Bisaso and crew produce another quality product.

samie-bisaso-300bBisaso’s music is appealing to the mind, heart, and spirit. There is a revelation for our spirit, information for our mind, and inspiration for our hearts. From “Million Pieces” through to the “Already Better”, he really tackles the subject of fear, loss and doubt in the mind of the believer and gives us biblical truth to help cast out the spirit of fear, loss and doubt!

Samie Bisaso seems to have a knack of knowing just how we feel, like he writes these songs just for us. His music is so inspirational and appeals to everyone, young and old. On the upbeat and exotically African-influenced, “Already Better”, Bisaso specifically tackles the theme, “that if you believe, you can do it”. “With God on your side, how can you lose?” asks Samie.

I believe what is most apparent about the latest works, is the main message that keeps repeating itself throughout, and that is, we’re never alone no matter what we go through – we are never alone!

These new songs are nothing less than a reaffirmation of Samie Bisaso’s commitment to both good contemporary music and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His gift at writing, producing and performing Gospel music has led him to being Founder and CEO of Samie Media Agency and Samie Productions a music and video company that “Spreads the Word through Entertainment”.


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