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CitySpeak: ‘Audio Tech-Noir’ – A Great Set of Tunes!

CitySpeak is fronted by Jesse Mason, whose eclectic music style began at a young age with a fascination for the arpeggio chip tunes of early videogames. Seeking what he loved, he looked for these and other unique synthetic sounds in the music he listened to and, soon after, created. Striving to produce the interesting and unusual; atmospheric, big-stadium sounds are often paired with bold chip tune synths. Calculated snares keep the beat in check while carefully utilized bass adds cool and at times, moody intonation. This seemingly odd combination results in a refreshingly new twist on today’s often “cookie-cutter” electronic music. CitySpeak draws his inspiration from artists like Vangelis, Nobuo Uematsu, Chemical Brothers, M83, etc.

With his music primarily being a very carefully composed creation mixing electronic and swirling melodies into beautifully harmonic arcs with a flair for natural and retro sounds, CitySpeak has been able to build his signature style fairly quickly.

This newest album, Audio Tech-Noir is by far CitySpeak’s greatest achievement in the realm of electronic music fusing with ambient sounds and driving rhythms. Considering that I’ve been following Mason since reviewing his tracks like “Mode D”, “Interlude”, “2019” and “Momentum” during 2013.

Without a doubt, each track here is a testament to what CitySpeak has been able to accomplish in the few years he has been creating music. Audio Tech-Noir is his first official album after the two collections Loops and Remixes.

The creativity and interesting music patterns on Audio Tech-Noir will make you listen twice over. The way Mason integrates such melodic, musically themes over the electronic rhythms is my favorite part. I also enjoyed the drums in every song as he incorporate fast beat drums and then breaks it down and followed by additional percussive sounds which come in and give the songs this free flowing experience, like on “Highwind”, “Rad Racer”, “Break Today”, “C-Beams” and “Omega”, my favorite songs on the album.

Bottom line, this is a great set of fifteen tunes; all instrumental, resulting in a beautiful sound that uplifts, enlivens and soothes you at the same time. CitySpeak’s super videogame-like melodies reverberate all through the tracks, giving it that unique and eclectic touch.

There are tracks here that can easily get the dance floor moving, tracks for breakups, tracks for driving down the highway. This is simply nice music for anyone who likes the 80s synth sounds mixed with contemporary EDM music. Once you listen to Audio Tech-Noir you will want to hear it again…right away!

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