Chords of Truth: “Moon Time” sparkles with a fabulous acoustic ring and toe-tapping beat

During 2012, Jason Garriotte (Aka Chords of Truth) released “Reflections of Reality” an Acoustic EP of 7 inspirational folk songs which later turned into a collaboration project with 14 producers generating 57 electronic remixes spanning the genres of Dubstep, House, Trance, Electrofolk, Progressive, Folktronica, Hip Hop, etc. Now Chords of Truth is once again creating classic singer-songwriter folk tunes.

Jason Garriotte (Aka Chords of Truth)
Jason Garriotte (Aka Chords of Truth)

Chords of Truth writes some great songs, and his delivery is just plain real. His music is rooted in folk, which some label as Americana, but like the best music it confounds any label immediately after it’s applied. I could compare Jason Garriotte to a lot of people to try to give you some reference points, but that may do him a disservice – as soon as you think, “Oh, Chords of Truth is like so and so…” suddenly, he’s not.

One listen to Chords of Truth is enough to garner your attention, so you listen for more songs and more sounds. Every song gives us a different sound, a little change, a lilt here and there, but there is no mistaking the talent as “Moon Time” delivers much of the same. The new song and the voice draws you in, and then you’ll want to hear more, know more, and  understand what the lyrics mean.

Well, back in the early 2000s, Jason discovered the 13 Moon Calendar and researched the history of timekeeping. It astounded him to find that throughout history the imperial empires would systematically force their calendars on any culture they conquered in what appears to be a control tactic.

chords-of-truth-mt-coverIn the fall of 2013, Jason Garriotte was awoken in the night with the phrase “Moon Time” in his head after the viewing of a documentary on electronic music gatherings converged with the prior knowledge that life on this planet is influenced by the moon. This inspired him to work with producer Jef Joslin and recording engineer Spencer Clarke, in creating “Moon Time”, an upbeat, Americana acoustic folk tune with a message and catchy chorus.

As much as I tried to avoid reference points, I just cannot deny that the magic of the 70’s reveals itself through Chords of Truth and I’m certain he would have felt at home in the company of Gordon Lightfoot, Don Mclean, Arlo Guthrie or Jim Croce, among a host of others.

“Moon Time” contains more of Jason Garriotte’s songwriting uniqueness. What sounds like a simple little song is actually something much more ‘universal’ in its intent, because Chords of Truth is just that darn good! I can’t imagine a more likeable and beautiful storyteller type of song, seriously. Certainly one of his best, which sparkles with a fabulous acoustic ring and toe-tapping beat…but mind the words!


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