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Brandon James: “An Underdog’s Tale” Combines Power, Passion and Beauty

Brandon James has just dropped his latest track “An Underdog’s Tale”. The song is Soul-driven with a hint of RnB and Jazz plus a bitter-sweet and beautiful vibe to it. Brandon leaves an imprint with the way he sings, showing his dynamic versatility.

I love the laid-back groove and sound of Brandon James’ work, which is why I highly recommend his works. Brandon is at his best when he writes ballads and sings ballads. He is multi-talented and clearly even a bad tune sounds good when he performs it.

When listening to his music you get the impression that Brandon knows what real music is. His music signifies what a great writer he is he is too. His soothing voice is easy to listen, and combined with deep lyrics, “An Underdog’s Tale” and many other of Brandon’s songs, will quickly become ‘one of your favourites’.

What Brandon James does is beautiful R&B – the old school type – where the groove has an upper hand over the rhythm; you can definitely witness his musical skill, and the way the songs capture your mind. Over and above “An Underdog’s Tale”, I particularly enjoyed “If I Only Knew”, “Drifting” and “Love Rising”, not to mention some of Brandon’s older releases like “So Emotional” and “Because Of You”.

Although Brandon James knows how to deliver the modern urban mainstream feel, it’s his classic old school-styled vocals and arrangements which for me, continues to set him apart from his contemporaries and keeps him in touch with his peers.

In a time when there are tons of Soul and R&B singers that believe in screeching through songs, Brandon James seems to combine power, passion and beauty in every note he sings. And what a joy that is to listen to on “An Underdog’s Tale”.  Kudos to Brandon for another job well done!

More About Brandon James

Brandon James is a singer from Chicago who has set his sights on making an impact with his music across the globe. He first realized his passion for singing at the age of 12 after he was pushed to become involved in various school projects as a means to keep him out of trouble and to find something that he would like to do. Brandon delivers a versatile style that blends Opera, Sacred, Gospel, Blues, Pop, & R&B.

Beyond singing Brandon James is also a gifted songwriter with influences like Luther Vandross, Lyfe Jennings, & Donnie Hathaway he. Despite some of his influences being R&B legends, Brandon learned to diversify his style after teachers in college introduced him to groups like the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Brandon James along the way has challenged himself to become better at his craft including taking voice lessons from Bobby Wilsyn one of the best Chicago Jazz Musicians as well as Ars Musica and classical singer Andrew Schultze. Seeking to learn music on all levels Brandon attended Columbia College Chicago where he earned a degree in Music Performance & Music Business in 2009. It was also an amazing moment in 2009 when the young gifted artist got the chance to perform with the legendary band Earth, Wind, & Fire.


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