Bluehomie: ‘Dreamare’ – an experimental concept of balladeering and rapping

An actor, singer and emcee, Bluehomie is also an MSc, in Music Processing. He dropped his first release, the ‘Mature EP’, in the fall of 09, and followed it up with the ‘Under The Knife LP’, in 2010, which also included a variety of Dance-Club tracks and ballads as well as a Greek song for good measure. Bluehomie released his 4th studio album, entitled ‘Out of the Blue’, in autumn 2013, after ‘Dreamare’, which was first released in June 2012.


Bluehomie’s fascination with writing began in his North London school days and during the final year of Mechanical Engineering, at King’s College London. His trademarks include not swearing in his lyrics and most impressively, writing without 4 letters of the alphabet: J, X, Z & S!

Bluehomie’s 17-track ‘Dreamare’ album is currently available on iTunes. It delivers a unique and creative sound as Bluehomie uses an experimental concept of balladeering and rapping. His superb lyricisms, along with the gritty yet calming tone of his voice, compliment his subject-matter well, regardless of the subject.

The album features consistent, versatile production from various producers that works well with Bluehomie’s voice and is sonically pleasing. The features are limited to Lola King on “Taught Numb”, so Bluehomie holds down the bulk of the album on his own.

My favorite songs on this album are: “Needy (prod. by VonSinger)”, ” [Honour] Honorificabilitudinity“, “Melancholy (prod. by B A Nusance)”, “Alone (prod. by Bro Studios; Alberto Salerno & Tiziano Salerno)”, “Bankrupt (prod. by Kickstart Studios; Dan King)”, “Early (prod. by Kickstart Studios; Dan King)”, “Taught Numb ft. Lola King (prod. by Kickstart Studios; Dan King)”, “Don’t Go Out With a Whimper (prod. by B A Nusance)” and “My Lawful Wedded Wife (prod. by VonSinger)”.


However the entire album is listenable, I didn’t want to skip a track during my first listen; and there is something for everyone, and for every mood. These are simply the standout tracks, in my opinion, which you should check out if you’re still on the edge because they just might catch your ear.

All in all – the lyricism, the production, the ballads – ‘Dreamare’ is a refreshing crossover rap album with originality and plenty of gems. Bluehomie has got a unique chemistry between rapping and singing that you’re not really going to see in other rap artists. Most swing from rap to R&B or Urban Pop, but Bluehomie moves from Rap to Folk-Rock type ballads, which is highly unusual for the genre. Add that to the fact that Bluehomie is of Greek descent and lives in the UK, and you have a one of a kind rap artist!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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