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Blue Flame Mega: ‘Ambition Of A Ridah’ gives us something to ride to again!

Blue Flame Mega, born Richard F. Elder Jr. in Compton Ca, to Richard Elder Sr and Gina Thompson, was the first born of four children. Flame became interested in music at a very young age. In 1993 Flame moved to Long Beach, becoming a member of the rap group, C.H.A.P, where he went by the name of MonsterBlow.  After a good run with the group he decided to move to Palmdale to help his family member’s careers in music.  Blue Flame Mega’s influences are Snoop-Dogg, Tupac, Ice-Cube, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, J-Cole and Rick-Ross.

Blue Flame Mega
Blue Flame Mega

Are you looking to move away from the low-talent, filler song, no substance MC’s, that seem to dominate the rap game today? Then return to the roots of old school rap mixed with the latest sounds.  Blue Flame Mega shows no mercy in making the new breed of rappers look downright stupid.

Rap generally has quite a few flavors depending on the purpose of the track, such as political, emotional, introspective, angry, chilling and club music, etc. One of the things I think most people who criticize rap do incorrectly is to listen to rap that falls in only one of those categories. Long-standing artists like Blue Flame Mega are important to their art, because they cover all the angles, themes and messages of our society that otherwise wouldn’t be heard in the mainstream.

That being said, Blue Flame Mega’s comments on life are pretty damn potent. It’s evident on “3 Words”, “West Up”, “Doggy Style” and “Long Beach”. Now on the 27th of January, Flame is getting ready to drop ‘Ambition Of A Ridah’ , out on GuerrillaMoneyGangRecords,  which takes its cues from Tupac’s classic track Ambitionz Az A Ridah from the All Eyes On Me album.

Blue Flame Mega
Blue Flame Mega

Flame’s delivery is fierce and sure over the classic piano driven beat. His rapping is at peak form and flows with ease. It is apparent that he is an artist who has mastered his craft.

The only beauty still left in this mangled-up mainstream, modern-day hip hop game right now, is all the different flavors that represent it. I give thanks to Blue Flame Mega for adding his own and giving us something to ride to again!


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