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BeatCircuit: “Swan Lake Remix” Produced for the French Olympic Ice Skating Team

The brothers behind electronic duo BeatCircuit are making waves in the EDM scene with their ear-catching tunes of hard-hitting beats, mind-numbing drops and wild collection of sounds. They’ve had tracks selected for WiFi PR Group’s compilation album, Indie Anthems Vol. 4, and for the French Olympic ice skating team among several compilation albums.

Having grown up in New York and furthering their music career in Scottsdale, Ariz., brothers Demian and Miles Porter have benefited from exposure to a wide range of musical styles from an early age through to the present. Their father packed his turntable with the sounds of jazz, rock and fusion; from Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra to Frank Zappa and The Grateful Dead. All of which fostered their early knowledge and appreciation of what good music and musicians are all about.

After their first official contract with Sony Digital Media and the release of their sound library, Toyz: Construction Kit, BeatCircuit was born. Since, they’ve been signed with Japanese independent label Beats4DJs Records and been a part of several successful compilations.

June 11 will see the release of the “Swan Lake Remix” album, especially remixed by BeatCircuit for the French Olympic Ice Skating Team. Whatever sides of the EDM argument you fall on, this duo seamlessly lead the listener through a musical odyssey that covers significant ground, always stays interesting, and carries you to a very unpredictable and welcome destination.

I’ve listened to 3 remixes of Swan Lake, from the upcoming album and was blown away. I have seldom found a set of mixes that so deftly combines classical, delicious electro styles and dubstep. The Swan Lake Trap mix is a little more awake, a little more edgy, while the Olympic mix relies more on a sweeping, flowing sound. It goes from downtempo chill gradually into a more energetic groove and back down.

I would compare BeatCircuit’s skills in manipulating the mood of the listener to a very finely tuned trance producer: you never quite know what they’re going to be doing next and how the energy is going to get from A to B. They influence and change the mood of the mix, but you can’t pin your finger on a single beat or a riff change. It’s all very artfully executed.

From dance-orientated to sweeping eclectic mixes, the “Swan Lake Remix” album captures the best of both worlds and each remix is designed around either a more upbeat tempo or a more restrained  down tempo rhythm. The most surprisingly thing of all is that this album could even appeal to people that aren’t usually listeners of the EDM or IDM genres!

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