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AVC3DIA: “Night Happens” – Super deep bass and catchy riffs anyone could want are here!

AVC3DIA is a collaborative effort of 2 high school friends, Producer Alex W an epileptic drummer and bass dropper Sophie G. After enduring high school Alex and Sophie learned that they both had a passion for electronic music. By combining Alex’s drumming expertise and dirty electro-dubstep sound with Sophie’s eccentric personality and progressive house sound, they started to make music.

You don’t have to like Dubstep music to like “Night Happens” one of the latest tracks by AVC3DIA. This track is full of electronic dance sounds that are made for broad audience. Here dance and dubstep combine to make the awesome music.

AVC3DIA electrifies with “Night Happens”. Their symphonic synth highs and deep bass fills are mesmerizing bringing on a storm of a beat throughout. I was surprised to hear the variety of sound on this arrangement, even though the track is not over-produced with gratuitous effects, break-downs and build-ups. Everything seems to be where it should be, when it should be!

Everything you usually say about music, no matter whether you believe it or not, always ends up sounding cliché, but “Night Happens” and AVC3DIA deserves five stars from me. The track from start to finish is an incredible, solid banger, drop it into your player and just zone out or rock out. It has some catchy synth phrases, it has some real dirty bass, and it even brings it back down a bit to let you catch your breath. You will listen to this hundreds of times, over and over again.

In a sea of electro house that is starting to sound repetitive. It’s good to see Alex W and Sophie G actually produce well thought-out songs and put some effort into the EDM world. All the super deep bass and catchy riffs anyone could want are here.

AVC3DIA know how to make a track throb with bass. They are pure, unadulterated fun. Not too serious, not too silly; just the perfect amount of feel good, feet stomping, dancing fun. If you like electronic, techno, dance, or dubstep music, “Night Happens” is the track to get!

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