Athmoss: “Father” (feat Slinky and I. Varga) speaks eloquently to emotions resident in most of us

Athmoss (Imre Meszaros) is an East European rock singer-songwriter. He was born in Transylvania, Romania, or what he describes as “…the magical spirit of that ancient land is a part of his soul”. Athmoss started to learn music at the age of 5, at first accordion, then later switching to piano and synth. His music career began in 1997, with his first album “Én a Hentes vagyok!”, followed by another two albums during the next three years: “Egyedül” and “Mindig fáj”.


Athmoss is a singer-songwriter who mixes and produces his own music in a variety of genres, that goes from classical to rock and electronic music. He also spent some years working as a Radio DJ as well as in the visual media audio post-production sector. Since August 2013 he lives with his wife and his two daughters in Frankfurt, Germany, and collaborates with many artists from all over the world.

Athmoss’ latest release is the single Father (feat Slinky and I. Varga). From time to time a song pops up reminding you why you love music. This is that single. The melody on this track is mesmerizing and intoxicating, each verse entrancing you deeper and deeper. It is truly refreshing to hear music with such candid honesty, purpose and conviction. The song clearly comes across as an ode to Athmoss’ Father as the title suggests, and could so easily be the song we’d like to dedicate or sing to our very own Fathers.

This guy is a real talent. The song is evocative and has an earthy, “down-home”, quality. It also features the saxophone, an instrument not often used in modern pop-rock music, as much as it was during the 80’s, as well as showcasing a fiery guitar solo. I especially enjoyed Athmoss’ tone and style. His lyrical content tells a great story with a solid, layered instrumental background. He is straight up good music.

Overall, Athmoss’ performance is distinctive and resonates deep into the heart of the human experience. His music and lyrics in Father (feat Slinky and I. Varga) speaks eloquently to emotions resident in most of us.

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