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    J Robinson

    This article is phenomenal!!! It points out exactly how I feel about the Hip-Hop today. All rappers are speaking of the crap, that I personally do NOT care for. Absoloot is turning the table, bringing it back to how Hip-Hop was when it originated! He is an amazing artist that is speaking for the people. Everyone, all ages, races can relate to the words he raps. Clean, informative, and you can jam to it!! That’s what I’m talking about! Keep doing what your doung Absoloot, I LOVE your work!

  3. 3


    Real rap, and real topics is what is finay being recognized. People need to wake up and not only speak about doing good like Absoloot is but do it.

  4. 4


    This joint is bangin!!!! Downloaded this track a couple of days ago… Got this thing on repeat… Can’t stop listening…. ‘There you go again’ smooth man… Looking forward for what’s coming next!

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    Robert Blakely

    Love this write up and love the artist and his music. Absoloot brings a positive vibe and message to his music. I cant wait to see what else he will come up with.

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    Great article on a great artist who’s been in the game for a min. This dude knows what he’s tallking bout……Look out ya’ll!!!!!


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