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About Poetry: “To Console the Inconsolable” – moving, heartfelt and sympathetic

About Poetry is a musical project from Estonia. The project’s first songs were recorded between 2011 and 2013 when the 13 tracks were finished. The album, “To Console the Inconsolable”, was independently released in a poetry book/CD form.

“I am a singer-songwriter. About Poetry is my life in poems. It is my way to express my feelings and emotions. At first, I play with the words, then I play with the music and then I put it all together in a video. Life becomes art and art becomes life. I am free,” says the About Poetry project founder.

On the album, “To Console the Inconsolable”, at times she is emotional; at times she is warm and soothing; at times she sounds strong and determined; at other times she simply croons. But whatever the mood, at all times About Poetry is expressive. Her voice and her great songwriting are what make this album so appealing.

About Poetry
About Poetry

The way About Poetry melds exuberance and significance so seamlessly speaks not only to your heart, but to your mind. She also ventures into layers of maturity where her music becomes darker, subtler and more personal. This is music for pensive folks. It doesn’t spare the listener any of life’s emotional experiences and woes. These are songs about the wiles of uncertainty, longing, spiritual drift, unrequited love, discovery, but also hope and happiness.

Above all the songs on “To Console the Inconsolable” are moving, heartfelt and sympathetic, while About Poetry’s voice is rich and vibrant. Her song-craft is first class, and the musicianship exemplary as she moves through a mix of singer-songwriter, pop and adult contemporary sounds. Does she flaunt excessive sentimentality? Of course she does. Show me a worthy poet or songwriter over the years who hasn’t. Such risks are inherent in the kind of emotional territory About Poetry wishes to explore. She sits perfectly midway between the affecting splendor of Carol King and the poetic intricacies of Tori Amos.

The album came across as very personal and down to earth, with an ability to alternate between playful and melancholic in a seamless way. Songs that captured my attention include “Listen”, “Subtle”, “Indecision”, “The Sound of Safe and Sound”, “What a Pity that the City”, “Felicity”, “Salon” and “The Lift”.

The lyrics pack a lot of punch, the arrangements are beautiful and understated and the voice of About Poetry lures you and guides you through the whole affair without you even noticing. “To Console the Inconsolable” is a high-quality release from a very talented singer-songwriter. It’s an excellent album for listening to on a quiet night and reflecting, as well as simply enjoying About Poetry’s voice – and it’s definitely worth a spot in your album collection.

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