A.K.A. Fisher: “What’s Good ft. Charlie Fingaz” – one of the smartest emcees in the game today!

A.K.A. Fisher is from Lansing, MI. His influences include Jazz, Soul, Funk, Gospel, The Cross Movement, DMX, Nas, Michael Jackson, John Denver, Stevie Wonder. His upcoming album “The Sane Asylum” is 10 years in the making and will feature 17 tracks dealing with topics that include Christianity, Atheism and the rapper’s triumph over an addiction to cutting. The song and lead single “What’s Good”, was written, composed, produced and recorded by A.K.A. Fisher himself.

AKA-Fisher-350A.K.A. Fisher has the personality and charisma that makes him instantly likable. He has a different flow on each song and accentuates his words to let you know he has confidence in his rhymes. And he should have. Lyrically adept at talking about anything that comes to his mind, you know he will get the clubs popping with anything he releases because he has so much unbridled energy firing up his tracks.

“What’s Good ft. Charlie Fingaz” is just straight hotness. A.K.A. Fisher gets stuck in with his double time flow on this and completely rips it. The comparison to Eminem cannot be ignored. Like it or not, A.K.A. Fisher’s tone, speedy wordplay and sure-footed voice, has an uncanny likeness to the modern-day rap legend; but if you’re thinking he is a clone, then stop right there!

A.K.A. Fisher has his own mindset, extensive vocabulary and box of technical and lyrical tools. On “What’s Good ft. Charlie Fingaz”, he comes out swinging from bar one, dropping quotables that are pure genius as he spits in a freestyle battle type of way. The man has a workable concept and he adheres to it, with some truly creative moments. He has both, the lyrical skills and the ability to make songs that will be enjoyed by those who are die-hard Hip-hop fans, as well as the casual ones.

And while A.K.A. Fisher’s voice captures the intensity of the track, the beat for this song just pushes it over the edge. The sound is layered and funky with the vocoder effects lending an even more endearing quality to the proceedings. The hook, the deep bass beat and the synthesizer interludes just make you want to close your eyes and nod…endlessly!

“What’s Good ft. Charlie Fingaz” shows that A.K.A. Fisher is one of the smartest emcees in the game today and that he knows exactly what to give Hip-hop fans. Not only writing, but also producing his work, makes A.K.A. Fisher one seriously talented artist to watch for the near future!


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