Virginia: “Monday” – a melancholy edginess that is attractive to the ear

Virginia Gavazzi was born in Monza, Italy. Her interest in music grew once she heard her father improvising at the piano when she was seven. Soon she started teaching herself how to play the guitar. Then at the age of 10, Virginia attended a piano course held in her school but she gave up because of her teacher’s inappropriate educating methods. From that moment on she refused to have lessons again, until, four years later, she tried again teaching herself to play the piano, while still playing the guitar and composing songs.

However it was only after finishing high school that she realized music was all she really wanted to do. It wasn’t long afterwards, that she decided to audition for the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, Australia, and in November 2012 she was accepted into the Conservatorium to major in Classical Piano Performance. In 2013 Virginia released the pop song “Secret” while studying at the QCGU (Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University), and now in 2015 she has released the song “Monday”.

Virginia Gavazzi
Virginia Gavazzi

There’s really not a better time to get into piano-driven pop music than now. Perhaps you haven’t heard about this captivating musician, because she is not as well-promoted as other young artists, or maybe because she is just starting out in the pop music arena. However, I am certain that you will enjoy the song “Monday” if you give it a chance. Anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to what Virginia sings about in this song; regret, anguish, hope, and love. But Virginia addresses these trials in a manner that distinguishes her from other artists.

Along with her angelic voice, Virginia reveals her emotions by creating graphic images in the minds of her listeners. For example, in the first pre-chorus, she sings, “You put your clothes on the line and read the letters of my mind, Which said “Love should be given but never for granted”. And now in any minute the pain would have started.” Clearly forging her presentiment of a love misplaced. Virginia then confirms her suspicions in the second pre-chorus, as she sings: “You said you’ll miss my hands intertwined with yours but see, Now I’m only intercepting arms of friends and strangers to comfort me….” Such powerful metaphors, illustrate the way she pours her heart and soul into “Monday”.

Discovering true musical talent is rare these days, but this is your opportunity to do just that! Virginia’s exquisite and harmonious piano skills combined with a delicate but passionate breaking voice, gives this track a certain melancholy edginess that is attractive to the ear.

The fact that Virginia writes her own songs and creates her own music cannot be said enough. Obviously, with her minimal voice and piano arrangement, she is not reaching out to mainstream perfection just yet. Probably she would need to switch her production levels up to the next step, allowing her to move her talents into the ‘bigger sounding’ pop arena, where she’ll find the likes of Sara Bareilles, Tori Amos or Norah Jones, among others, for example.

However, there’s no doubt that once Virginia takes that next step towards center stage, her fanbase will only grow and she’ll only get bigger so there’s no better time to hop onto her bandwagon than now!


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