Twizzie Ramos: “To Destroy Something Beautiful” – A melting pot of soulful sounds and lyrical pictures!

Twizzie Ramos is a Filipino-born MC/Rapper out of Calgary, AB Canada.  Heavily influenced by genres such as Punk, Metal, Classical and Jazz together with an Otaku-ness lifestyle, Twizzie Ramos represents the Contraverse Collective, and part-time he is an Urban arts instructor teaching youth Hip Hop.  From the gritty underground Battle Rap Scene to a more Modern New school approach, Twizzie is familiar with most of the sub-genres in the movement while always pushing to create his own.

Twizzie Ramos has just released his 13-track sophomore album, entitled “To Destroy Something Beautiful”. This is real hip-hop. Not that watered down crap that has taken over the airwaves. Today’s hip-hop is saturated with over the top beats and artists that rap about nonsense, but not Twizzie Ramos. Listeners will definitely be dissecting and analyzing this work. I am completely overwhelmed with how complex this work is and excited that there is someone representing intelligent lyrics, flawless execution and clever arrangements.

Twizzie Ramos
Twizzie Ramos

Twizzie Ramos is an artist in every sense of the word. He is able to paint pictures of life’s experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. This hip-hop gem will have you going to the deepest parts of Twizzie’s life, all the way to an enlightened mood and everything in between. The beats, the flows and styles are like nothing you’ve ever heard. Again yes this is rap, but it’s nothing like the garbage you hear on the radio nowadays. Very rich in musical and lyrical details, the album also has high quality features by MissFudge, Rubix, Bobby Blast’em, Nillie and Ruby Ibarra.

The concept of creating an entire album that has a narrative all its own has become almost unheard of, especially in the mainstream hip-hop community. This record is an exception, especially when Twizzie drops razor-sharp lines like: “…ain’t no worries because I’m proud of my size. Keep laughing while your girl swallow my pride…”

From start to finish the album got me hooked on why Twizzie Ramos gave it this title, as I got lost in each subsequent song which reminded me of the good old days of Hiphop. Tracks like “Unstoppable”, “Still Sick”, “Robin Padilla”, “You Mad Bruh?”, “Unpleasantville”, “Succubus” and “Live. Love. Learn. Die.” are pretty hard to resist.  A melting pot of soulful sounds, Twizzie manages to mix all these ingredients into a beautiful piece of sonic art. I love artists who layer their music. A variety of sounds ensures that I come back to this album every day and leave with something new.

Apart from the spotless production Twizzie Ramos also does a masterful job of displaying his abilities as a rapper, emcee, and street poet. So after a full first listen to “To Destroy Something Beautiful”. I can truly say, without overhyping, that this album really has artistry overflowing from it. Twizzie Ramos is all over the album. It is clear that he is here for the long run!


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